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CAUTION ! Tight Hole

Onahole by Toys Heart
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Toys Heart are trying to warn you right there in the product's name! The Caution ! Tight onahole is a young girl's pocket sized pussy. Just in grey see-through rubber form. That's close enough. This onahole is small and packs an extreme punch, hugging on with crushing pressure which dips up and down the ribbed tunnel to further increase how tight it all is. Despite its small size, Caution ! Tight Hole is fully designed to stretch. So if you're up for the challenge, this girl's tight hole is waiting for you. The ultimate young Japanese pussy simulation that let's you see everything going on.

The package design of the CAUTION ! Tight Hole has been updated in April 2024.

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Check out the Details
Brand: Toys HeartFeeling: VaginalFantasy / Genre: VirginHole Design: Closed Hole TypeProduct Layers: SingleUsability: ReusableFirmness: HardHow many Holes: 1Weight: 80g (0.18lbs)Length: 95mm (3.74in)Width: 36mm (1.42in)Lotion included: Yes Released on: 2013Product Type: Onahole
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User Reviews

21 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 4/11/2024

    Feels nice

    Felt nice to use but breaks easily if your member is too large. Best for people with small or medium sized penis’

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  • | 1/11/2024

    So small, but indeed tight

    The end has this little bulge almost like a cap was melted on. that was what ended up breaking, I found out when climaxing with a small hole breaking open at the end, quite the mess, but if you have an average sized or above average sized member I wouldnt recommend this as after a few uses you will meet the same fate as I, a broken toy. for the price it's worth it though

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  • | 1/3/2024


    When I first tried using this hole I could barely keep it on my cock. It snapped back as soon as my cock hit the back and pushed me out before I could stop it. I wasn't sure then if I was going to like this toy. After using it for a while though the material softened a bit. Now I've found that this onahole is amazing! It's exactly as it's named TIGHT! The toy squeezing around your dick and the deep internal ribs can stimulate you to orgasm in just a few minutes if you let it. The end of this toy is closed with a thin film of the material and it baloons out if you don't make suction before going in. It's great to watch your cum explode into this toy through the bubble at the end. The material is perfectly transparent which is the reason I got it in the first place. Great toy!

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  • | 10/24/2023

    great for starting

    this was my first hole and it was a pretty good experience! i felt like i was on the smaller side when i comes to sizes so i thought itd be a good place to start but dont take the caution lightly they really do mean it! it took a while to fit in but now i really love it. highly recommended.

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  • | 9/27/2023

    small tight and stimulating

    just throw it in the cart, its a fun little buy if you're a collector

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  • | 9/24/2023

    very special <3

    It is very easy to carry around and fits in your pants or somewhere else easily. It can be even combined with other toys for some serious dick bullying. Cute artwork, too. I like it.

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  • | 2/13/2023

    nice to try at least once

    i like tight and stimulating toys, and this is by far the tightest ive ever been in. It feels great, however i had to be extremely mindful of how deep i penetrate, since this is such a shallow toy, and there isnt much material at the end so your member will likely tear thru if you arent careful. dont regret my purchase since it was so small and cheap it didnt add much to the shipping cost, so it was nice to see what this toy was all about. just wish they still had the bigger version

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  • | 5/8/2022

    cheap and small

    cheap and small really sums it up if that's what you want I'd recommend it but not if you a larger size

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  • | 6/5/2021

    You get what you pay for.

    They didn't even tried to make the back end properly which can be seen that it could break easily.

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  • | 5/21/2021

    If above average, maybe skip this one...

    I wasn't sure what I was expecting, but the hole wasn't as tight as I thought it would be; sure it's tight and it squeezes you out a bit, but for "CAUTION!" in the title, it didn't live up that too much. Doesn't take that much time for it to get used to you and start to feel normal. Insertion was also much easier than expectations. However, this thing is very small in overall size. Again, if above average it wouldn't cover the whole area - in fact, I broke the other end in the second day because of how small it was. The stimulation in my opinion was meh. Not much else to comment about it. Got the job done, but not as well as other products with its lack of fancy onahole structuring inside. For the price $10 seemed to be fine so I didn't mind taking a chance on it, but I don't think I would purchase this product again due to my personal preferences.

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  • | 4/9/2021

    Ok its tight

    There is no way to force it in, but once you get in its pretty mild.

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  • | 2/11/2021

    Very Tight

    It was hard to get started but once you are in its good to go to town on.

    ... view more
  • | 12/19/2020

    Amazing if good for you

    Honestly I didn't expect much from this one, but it surprised so much and so far I have never seen my chin chin higher part to get as big with anything else, I just wish the design was a bit better or there was more onaholes of this kind, beware though the top will break eventually, that's why I recommend getting a couple of them if you like it.

    ... view more
  • | 11/27/2020

    It's tight alright

    Not sure what I was really expecting to be honest. It definitely is tight. So tight that entering let alone moving inside of it is a real hassle. It's also really short, a good bit shorter than the Virgin Age Admission. I don't really recommend it unless you want something "for the lulz" but for masturbation purposed, there are much better holes out there.

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  • | 8/8/2020

    tight hole

    the caution tight onahole is really tight and small. bit too intense for me if ya ask me if ya go to fast with that xD also i had some problems first getting in it because the hole is really so damm small, yeah its strechable but if ya lubed it up you more slip away first kinda need to simply go in by force xD. they should have made the end in a harder firmer more durable material instead of that weird sphere like end, which streches a bit but gives me always the feeling right away as if it breaks then (it did break on my, i duno 5th use i think, the first time i got that. but i kinda scracthed a bit at the end, because it seemed like something is sticking there on the material while it was only the stuff itself xD . ) 7/10

    ... view more
  • | 3/18/2020

    Not for average or bigger

    As a man that's 6.7 inches long, this was a silly purchase but I bought it anyway... thought I could control how deep I penetrated it, but, I broke through the other end on the third use... I don't know if I was just being too rough or something but it wouldn't even go half way down my dick, but god damn was it tight, in fact it was a pain just to slip it in. If you're dick is small this is a good purchase but for average or bigger, don't even try it unless you want to fight getting it in only for it to barely get past your head and about to burst at the seams. 3/5 if it was longer if would be better.

    ... view more
  • | 1/22/2020

    I should've known better

    I'm on the bigger side (some 6.5 inches long and almost half as thick), but have a thing for being able to see the action and saw this was popular so I tossed it in the cart, but... When I'm flaccid I'm about the same size as the entire ona, I have to fight with it to penetrate, it's slightly uncomfortable to be in when I finally make it, and at that point I'm so frustrated that I go really hard and I ended up breaking through the other end after probably somewhere around 5 uses.

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  • | 2/22/2019

    Too tight personally

    Excellent value for money if you like hard holes. Personally I thought it was a bit too overstimulating and difficult at the entrance. It's also quite short. Worth a try at least.

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  • | 12/21/2018

    Best onahole so far, but still has a major flaw

    For a cheap onahole this is very tight and feels great. Unfortunately it does not take long for an average size euro male to tear out the back of it after a short while. I still use it as a non vacuume onahole but it is not the same as when it was undamaged. Still, for the price it is brilliant.

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  • | 6/27/2018

    Cheap and very good

    To my surprise this onahole is better than it looks. The internal texture, although simple gives a huge pleasure. It really made it difficult for me to use it more than 10 minutes without cum. The quality of the material is not good or bad, it's just ok. And the only negative point is that it is very short. If it were twice as long and the material were a bit more quality, this would be the perfect onahole. Even with the bad things, I highly recommend it.

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  • | 1/15/2017

    Not a fan of the outer design

    The feel is glorious, its really tight and when it expands its just another feel of pleasure, but the exterior design its really bland, looks like something made of jelly, you could paint it but its not really the point, using it on a body pillow however makes you forget about it, its really an average onahole.

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