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DWU Virtual YouTuber Scented Panties

by Tama Toys
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Panties with Scent of DWU

Based on the popular digital youtuber DWU which stands for DeepWebUnderground has Tama Toys released this cute panty that comes with a scent. The panty is extremely sexy and combined with the scent it will be the perfect addition to your fantasy. Even better to combine it with an onahole or Doll to enhance the experience. For sure the DWU Virtual YouTuber Scented Panties also go well with a hip masturbator.

The DWU Virtual YouTuber Scented Panties by Tama Toys are featuring
  • genuine smell fetish item from Japan
  • panty of digital youtuber DWU with scent
  • great addition to your hip onahole or Doll


1 Customer Reviews for DWU Virtual YouTuber Scented Panties

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by Zappky June 29, 2020
Sexy pantsu!

It is as described in the description. It is a sexy, scented red panties.
The scent is somewhat sweet,classy perfume smells. The panties itself is quite small and cute. Most importantly, it does fit onto my hip toy. I even tried wearing it myself, too bad my p*nis blocked it XD

I am quite happy for this product, but my worry is when the smells wears off, how do I ever get it back? Buy another panties? That will be silly. There is DWU FABULOUS FRAGRANCE selling on other website, I wonder if the smells will be the same.
In conclusion, this product is as advertised and it is pretty sexy. Just slightly expensive I feel.

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