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Erokatsu ! Onahole

by Tama Toys
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Comes with a small pack of lotion.

Available on otonaJP since: 2015 October 2
Product Weight (without the package): approx. 250 Grams
Product Dimensions: -

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Brand: Tama Toys
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User Reviews

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  • | 3/4/2017

    Eli. You're mine.

    Oh yes, yes, and yes. And more yes. I first saw this one when I was in Osaka's DenDen Town last summer in one of the adult stores. I was already familiar with the name of this character (Eli Ayase), but I can't say the same for the series she's from (Love Live!). Before my last night in Osaka (before leaving for Tokyo), I bought this one. I would have her. I would shove my......aaaaaaand enough of that. And then in November of 2016, almost half a year after Japan, I bought another one. Because I really liked this hole. The drawings on the package are enough to get you semi-hard (or hard if you haven't had a wank for a week). There's a small packet of lube in the package. BE CAREFUL! Use only a drop or two. Use more and it'll get a whole lot more slippery, taking away all the fun. Yes, I do realize I wrote that just now. Also, the lube kinda smells like antibacterial lotion. The hole itself is rather nice. Holy shit, I must've blown three dozen loads since last summer inside this hole AND the new one I bought later on combined. That's a lot of unborn babies. Oh, and I'm still not done using this hole. So we're still counting. The only downside of the older one was that it got sort of sticky, even though I cleaned it after use. I always clean it after use. Trust me, everyone knows that I always clean my onaholes directly after I've used them. Nobody cleans their onaholes as well as I do. Trust me. Turns out that this hole takes up some of the water I use to clean it with. Or whatever. I don't really know. To summarize: great hole, best I've ever had. 10/10. This onahole is the greatest onahole I've ever used. Trust me.

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