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EvE Varlaine Love Juice Lotion 600ml

Lotion by Tama Toys
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Lubricant based on the Virtual youtuber EvE

It was only a matter of time before Japanese sex toy manufacturer Tama Toys released products based on sexy succubus virtual YouTuber EvE. The EvE Varlaine Love Juice Lotion 600ml is the perfect lubricant to go with the Minarai Succubus - Virtual YouTuber EvE on ASMR Onahole also based on EvE. This lubricant replicates the wet and slippery viscosity produced by the horny succubus' pussy when she is turned on. The EvE Varlaine Love Juice Lotion 600ml is perfect for use with her onahole, or any other sex toy as well as solo play or use with a partner.

The EvE Varlaine Love Juice Lotion 600ml Lubricant Highlights:

  • High-Quality Lubricant by Tama Toys
  • Based on Sexy Succubus Virtual YouTuber EvE
  • Wet & Slippery Consistency
  • Easy-to-use Bottle
  • Volume: 600ml

Maker: Tama ToysProduct Type: Lotion
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User Reviews

4 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 5/29/2024

    Honestly my favorite

    Ive had quite a few different types of lube so far and I have to say this is my favorite. The quality is amazing, and it has a really nice smell to it. Plus there’s plenty so it can last a while. I definitely recommend to try it!

    ... view more
  • | 6/7/2023

    Does the job

    Stays slippery for a while. Dont have to use a lot of this stuff plus there is A LOT of it. There may be some leakage from the top but its not too big a deal. Has a nice fragrance that i did not expect. Overall a good purchase. 9/10

    ... view more
  • | 3/6/2022

    will buy again 10/10

    This is a fantastic lube with a really good smell and the strings it feels amazing. Its a bit thic but it does not disturb the sensation of the toy unlike some other lubes. its just perfect i will definitely buy it again 10/10.

    ... view more
  • | 10/28/2021

    Definitely a new favorite

    Needed some new lube, and with my previous favorite lube (hatsujo saliva lotion) being discontinued, I decided to go with this one as it says it has a thinner viscosity. I'm not new to the scene at all, with multiple different types of onas and having tried multiple different types of lubes, and this one is for sure my favorite now. 600ml in the bottle is nothing to scoff at, either, for the price! I'm a fan of the viscosity, being more on the thinner side, closer to hatsujo more than anything, but a slight bit thicker than that. However, despite that, it doesn't dry fast at all, I did a test and it took about 2 and a half hours to dry before I decided to clean up. I feel that it works great with any type of ona, BJ, vaginal, anal, and even the super tight virgin ones as well. One of my favorite aspects is that it smells really sweet, very reminiscent of certain women's shampoo, so it gives off a very cute and inviting feeling. I find myself wanting to smell it sometimes cause it just feels so nice to smell. The bottle is very easy to use, it's hard to be messy with the bottle, however some of the lube will typically pool up in drops at the top near the nozzle. However, that being said, a previous bottle of Hatsujo I had must have been broken when I received it, since I had to take special care for it to not get messy. Seeing as how both of these lubes use the same exact bottle type, I can understand it may be an issue for some people. That would be my main concern, if anything. Cleanup is easy, it is easy to wipe away and doesn't stick or cake on. This stays true for cleaning onas as well. I will buy this product again in the future, I'm very pleased with it. Hope this helps!

    ... view more
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