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Gamer Girl Bath Salts featuring Coco (Peach)

by otonaJP Originals
(appx. 13.4 )
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The one and only Gamer Girl Bath Salt

Make your next bath a unique and special experience with our very own Gamer Girl Bath Salts featuring Coco. This fetish item dissolves in hot water and permeates the air with the sensual smell of a sexy gamer girl's used bathwater after a long luxurious soak - And this gamer girl likes to play on hard mode. Whether you want to relax in the hot water or engage in foreplay or masturbation, these exciting bath additives will enhance the experience. These salts also work as a fantastic aphrodisiac and can lead to mind-blowing orgasms - The perfect way to finish the day after (or before) an intense gaming session.

The Gamer Girl Bath Salts featuring Coco (Peach):
  • Fragrant Bath Salts That Dissolve in Warm Water
  • Inspired by Sexy Gamer Girls (Leftover Bathwater Fetish)
  • Relaxing and Sensual Experience
  • Aroma: Peach
  • Volume: 200 Grams
  • Made in Japan


1 Customer Reviews for Gamer Girl Bath Salts featuring Coco (Peach)

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by Kitsu December 25, 2019
Our beloved Coco has a nice taste on flavours

Peachy peachy water yay! Very fabulous bath salts with nice scent and color, since the first momment you can start enjoying this salts, at first feels fresh and very pleasant, and it's a joy to see how the water starts turning pink expanding from a smokey pink torus. The scent its between rose and peach and the color is a strong pink that obviously decrease with big amounts of water. The sensation is that the price is a bit high for the quantity but depending on the uses can be affordable, but of course, if you want to have more color and smell you need to put more so it's not easy.

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