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Insert Air Pillow Futamata Open Legs Type

by Tama Toys
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Maker Tama Toys

The Insert Air Pillow Futamata Open Legs Type is a great addition to the Futamata Air Pillow series by Tama Toys. Similar to the original standard Futamata Air Pillow, comes the Open Legs version as the name indicates with adjustable legs which are offering a lot more variation in positions. Add your favorite Futamata cover to it and the onahole of your choice. A great addition to the the Futamata Pillow series.

The Insert Air Pillow Futamata Open Legs Type by Tama Toys features

  • genuine japanese adult toy
  • Air Pillow with adjustable legs fitting the Futamata cover series by Tama Toys
  • size approx. 1150x500x750mm
Cover and onahole must be purchased separately and are not included. The Insert Air Pillow Futamata Open Legs Type is only compatible with the Futamata Air Pillow series by Tama Toys. Compatibility with other covers can not be guaranteed.

User Reviews

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  • | 4/14/2024

    An interesting switch up

    Using this pillow offers an interesting alternative to simple hand use for your onaholes as it lets you try all sorts of fun positions with it. Trying out different covers and mixing it with some audio really helps sell the immersion and truly amplifies the experience to a whole new level. Needless to say i highly recommend this product and think its a must buy for onahole enjoyers who are tired of simple play

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  • | 10/1/2022

    Better than regular pillows

    Interesting idea but awkwardly light. when thrusting it can be difficult to keep it in position. with the right case it can be very attractive.

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  • | 3/7/2022

    Takes a while to blow up

    You can use your mouth and 15 mins of effort to blow it up. It takes around the same time to remove the air because the valve is a one way one. It is quite large and might be uncomfortable if your bed is small. I am overall very happy. It is not cushiony like stuffed pillows but this is way easier to fold and store.

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  • | 10/27/2021

    Expanded details for a neat product

    Some details you might want to know: 1. This is not like a cheap blow up beach ball and more like a high quality blow up pool toy. Very thick and well welded vinyl with no sharp flashing. I couldn't catch on the packaging what the country of manufacture is, but if it's not made in Japan, it's definitely made to the quality standard that one would expect for a Japanese market. 2. While it's soft and friendly, you'll probably not want to try using this without a cover. I did buy one with mine, but on a whim I tried setting it up "naked" and it wasn't particularly pleasant. The material of the covers definitely adds to the experience, even if they weren't printed with nice art. 3. Not all onaholes work well with this. If you have a nice collection of onaholes, you'll probably have one that works. But keep this in mind if you only have an ZXY or something (which will not fit). 4. The good news is that not only does this offer a hands-free experience, but the inflation of the pillow also seems to add a good amount of squeezing pressure. It has no problem keeping an onahole where you leave it, providing you're all lubed up. 5. Availability of the covers seems to be kind of limited. From my research, there are over 115 covers but, just like traditional dakimakura covers, production runs don't have a lot of overstock so it can be frustrating to find your waifu only to discover she's out of print and no one stocks her. Another downside is that every single one is censored, unlike doujin dakis, and I haven't identified any other artists making covers in this format. So if you're going to buy into the Tama Toys Insert Air Pillow Futamata, know that you're buying in to a platform with some art limitations. Final, this product is very well priced for what it is, keeping in mind that this is a razor and blades model with very pricy covers. Still, it's fun to mix it up with a great hands free experience.

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  • | 4/8/2021

    Far better than its regular sibling

    it's not all that different from the regular futamata pillow. except for the part where the legs are open or spread, making for easier playing. and the part where you can actually bend the legs, making for yet more easier playing.

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  • | 2/25/2020

    Game Changer to Playing

    Tama Toys Air Pillows are the best way to fully experience an onahole toy. I don't like blow up dolls and while this is technically a blow up toy, I find it more appealing to look at the sexy covers made for these air pillows to fuel my imagination. I just wish they had more of a variety of thick voluptuous hentai beauties to buy for it.

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