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Joshi Panties with Scent Sakura Miyuki

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These cute panties are coming with a lotion that recreates the image of them being worn, creating a wonderful realistic pussy smell.

Available on otonaJP since: 2018 March 27


3 Customer Reviews for Joshi Panties with Scent Sakura Miyuki

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by Ale April 28, 2020
Cheiro gostoso

O Cheiro é bem agradável, uma exelente peça de coleção

by shimapanlover May 19, 2018
nice texture smell is ok

smell is a little off, but the viscosity is pretty nice

by Pheremone addict May 8, 2018
Not at all like the vagina I've smelled.

It smells strongly of burning rubber but the artwork and matching panties make for a nice fantasy. There are two scents that I find are commonly found in these scent fetish items. There are a few good smell fetish items out there but then there are ones like this which smell of burning rubber and sometimes have rotting roses added(if you dont know this smell, walk into a florist and ask to see their compost pile). It does not smell realistic at all. It smells so horrible it makes my head hurt and I get the reflex to remove myself from it. This is NOT a pleasing "funk" or "dirty" pussy mell, this is not erotic at all. However, for a pair of very aluring panties and to have a box and picture card of a cute anime girl wearing them, I can see someone buying this to add an actually effective scent to the panties purely for fantasy play.

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