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M&M Rotor Pink

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Available on otonaJP since: 2015 September 25
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2 Customer Reviews for M&M Rotor Pink

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by Kapot March 27, 2017
A nice but short experience

This toy works really well but it wasn't built to last. The vibration strength is nice, there are no sharp edges anywhere (it's safe to slide the whole vibrating part inside you) and you don't have to worry about buying batteries since they're already included.

But unfortunately it's pretty easy to tell this toy is cheap. Mine stopped working after I used it two or three times. Fixing it was pretty easy but it kept breaking from time to time until it stopped working for good.

I'd recommend buying a more expensive one instead if you want to use it multiple times.

by bMAX August 14, 2016
The cheap rotor that delivers a feast!

I had my doubts when buying this thing: its cheap (REALLY cheap) and the material is visible not made of something that could last BUT by no means its useless! Bought a pair of theses (fear of breaking) for my girl and, with prudence use, i couldn't be more satisfied! Apart from the fragile look this thing is pretty solid but the short wire could let you down. If you never had one of these this should be your first! While a wireless type is ideal this rotor and it's price demands a try.

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