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Milking Hole Nejiri

by DNA Japan
(appx. 45.43 )
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Product Weight (without the package): approx. 350 Grams
Product Dimensions: approx. 65x65x150mm


1 Customer Reviews for Milking Hole Nejiri

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by James July 17, 2018
Decent Onahole: Intense Design and Feeling

The DNA Milking Series was on the "New Arrival 10% Discount", decided to get Nejiri and Himo. Used Nejiri a couple of times now, so here's the review:

Packaging and add-ons: Cute-ass anime girl in bunny costume art, pleasing to see. Comes with standard one-use enclosed lube, more sticky and dense than North American lube types.

Onahole: Specs as per picture/information on box. Smooth outer texture feeling, doesn't get mushy when wet. Powdering it will maintain it well (highly recommended after use). The insert hole design creates suction for penis as opposed to being visually like a vagina.

Spiral-like structure causes a gentle yet distinct rubbing around penis and shaft. Apparently the design has smaller diameter points along the inside to maintain suction, could feel the first one, but not the latter ones. Intense feeling initially, but begins to decrease if used on longer sessions.

Cleaning: Manufacturer doesn't recommend turning inside-out. Got to flush with water and flip upside down to rinse out. Also, due to the spiral-like structure, use a clothed rod/etc... to avoid excessive wear on the sides.

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