Mogyutto! Hug Body AIR

$40.55 $33.85
Air Pillow by Tama Toys
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from Japan
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Inflatable Air Pillow

Based on the original Mogyutto! Hug Body, our friends from Tama Toys have developed the Mogyutto! Hug Body AIR. With it, you get the same advantages that the original has but for a much lower price. You can use any Standard Dakimakura Cover with the Mogyutto! Hug Body AIR in the Standard Size which is 160x50cm. Add your favorite Onahole to it and enjoy the Mogyutto! Hug Body AIR Pillow in various positions, with changing masturbators you also can change the experience every time.

The Mogyutto! Hug Body AIR Pillow by Tama Toys features
  • High Quality Adult Toy from Japan
  • Inflatable Air Pillow for various exciting Sex positions
  • can be used alone or with any Standard Size Dakimakura Cover (160x50cm)
  • add your favorite Onahole or male masturbator to it


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