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Insert Hug Pillow

by Tama Toys
(appx. 32.96 )
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The air pillow can be designed with various designated covers from Tama Toys.
Please note that only "Insert Hug Pillow Covers" from Tama Toys are guaranteed to fit the air pillow perfectly. They are marked as compatible in the product description. Masturbators and a cover is not included with the air pillow and have to be purchased seperatly.

*This has different dimensions than "Insert Air Pillow from Tamatoys" It can not fit with "Insert Air Pillow Covers".

Available on otonaJP since: 2016 Aug 10
Product Weight (without the package): -
Produst Dimensions: approx. 600x330mm


4 Customer Reviews for Insert Hug Pillow

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by Jose May 30, 2019
An interesting experience

Using it was interesting as instead of the usual stroking motion with an onahole your hugging and thrusting with the insert hug pillow. You will need a pump to save your energy and I recommend placing your onahole in first so the insert hug pillow will tighten around the onahole as its inflating.

by gb February 3, 2018
Interesting experience, although setting it up with a cover can be time consuming.

Requires quite a bit of effort, but once you're finished setting everything up it gives a pretty interesting experience. Instead of the usual stroking, you can sort of hug it and thrust while lying on your back. Quality is great, doesn't feel like it'll burst from just hugging or grappling it during use.

by AsianGuy September 17, 2017
Much squish such splooge

First of all I would highly recommend that you invest into a dual action air pump either a foot one, hand one or electric one. Blowing up this pillow is literally exhausting to the point where you might not have the energy to thrust later on!

The quality of the material used on the pillow is very good and it reminds me of those old blow up toys you'd find at a carnival but of course it has better durability.

There is only ONE slot on this hug pillow vs the smaller Insert Air Pillow which has 2 slots. The one on this hug pillow can fit a variety of onaholes but I recommend that you only use ones that have a circular or wider opening as I had difficulty using my Meika AIKA onahole with it eg the Ride Japan Virgin Loop or Toy's Heart Shinki 01 Erika Kitagawa pair well with this onahole.

So if you really don't which air pillow series to buy it will come down one or two things: if you have really smaller onaholes and the variety of pillow covers. Either way you can't go wrong with either air pillow

by Onaholoveru November 23, 2016
Just a lil chubby

very good quality
Can hold strong hugs, the shape it's very good too
you can squeeze and have a good time
~ Approved !!

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