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Moisty Plus Lotion

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Maker 44

Made in Japan.

  • Available on otonaJP since: 2016 March 17
  • Volume: 200ml

User Reviews

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  • | 1/4/2022

    Is moist for at least 45 minutes.

    Amount: 200 ml | Scent: None | Smell: like toothpaste without scent but sweet and a little chemical. 5.5/10 | Thickness (with water as 0 and dried out Magic Eyes lubricant sample as 10): 7.0/10 | My summary: Is moist for at least 45 minutes. | My summing:

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  • | 7/16/2018

    Realistic, Fair price, No smell, and definitely worth buying

    If you tried Onatsuyu, but it felt a little too sticky and smelly, which took away your immersion like I did, you will love this lotion. This lotion does not have ANY smell, not even a slight smell of factory like Onatsuyu does. Also, the viscosity of this lotion is just wet enough to keep your Onnahole constantly wet until you ejaculate, but it's also just dry enough to not remain sticky if you happened to have dropped it on your other parts of your skin. This one comes in a fairly big enough bottle to last you for 10-20 uses depending on how much you use. Which I think is fair price for a $7 lotion. However, when you order, you have to think about the shipping prices also, so order it with another Onnahole or two of this to minimize the cost for future. 12/10, guaranteed successful buy.

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