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Puni Ana Love Juice HOT 600ml

Lotion by EXE
warming lubricant
Brand EXE
Product Type Lotion
This is the 600ml bottle of the Puni Ana Love Juice HOT. The amount we have here in this huge bottle seems almost endless and will last you for countless sessions and hours if kinky fun. Its easy to pour out as well so you do not waste any of the precious lube.

The Puni Ana Love Juice HOT is based on the popular Puni Ana Onahole series by EXE. It has a very sticky viscosity which goes perfectly with any Onahole or Male Masturbator and specially with tight ones such as those resembling a Virgin sex experience or Anal Sex. It gives a nice warming feeling on your member and almost feels like your onahole has been pre heated with a USB warmer after a couple of thrusts. A great lube can really make a difference in the experience you have and the Puni Ana Love Juice HOT is defiantly one of those.

The Puni Ana Love Juice HOT 600ml by Exe features
  • High Quality Lubricant from Japan
  • gives a nice warm feeling when in use
  • goes well with any Onahole, Masturbator, Sex Toy or with your Partner
  • Volume 600ml
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User Reviews

6 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 5/1/2021

    Slides nicely

    The bottle's big, and gives a nice feeling to the toy. Just the right amount of sliminess and my suggestion is to warm it up first, but Onatsuyu is slightly better for my taste.

    ... view more
  • | 3/31/2021

    Tacky and Minimal Glide

    Once applied to your weapon of choice, this lube has extensive longevity, but the actual lubrication experience leaves a lot to be desired. While it is thick and sticky, that thick stickiness will wear down to tackiness fairly quickly if you don't load a considerable amount. The advertised "HOT" heat effect is nowhere to be felt. Finally, most importantly, the reduction of friction to generate a smooth glide is very poor.

    ... view more
  • | 12/2/2020

    must be a bad batch

    Reading the reviews the lube is supposed to be sticky, however, my bottle was surprisingly watery and oily. Unlike other brands of lubes that I have bought, instead of being sticky and slippery, this bottle is dry and oily.

    ... view more
  • | 11/26/2020

    Not like the regular version at all.

    I bought this assuming it was very similar to the regular "Thick Puni Ana Juice", which I purchased for my first order two years ago and like so much, I completely finished it within the year. However, other than the feeling of heat, the base lotion was completely different, much thicker with less lubrication feel. I also could not water it down and keep it effective(which the regular version could). It probably can be mixed with a good thinner lotion to give it some heat effect, but otherwise, I would not purchase it again. Now how to figure out how to use half-a-liter of this stuff...( =_=')

    ... view more
  • | 11/11/2020

    Nice and Slick

    This bottle of lube was really great for the price! I have been using this bottle for a very long time. It feels great, has no smell, large abundance of lube, and slips right in my onaholes with ease. I highly recommend this lube/lotion for a first buy.

    ... view more
  • | 8/22/2020

    It does it's work, and will last for several months

    I've been using it a couple of times by now, and I had no problems, except that it came slightly open, which caused a bit of the content to be lost, but nothing serious. It's really STICKY so you only need to use a little bit. I preferred this one over the others because I live quite far away and the shipping price very high, so this way you can make sure you don't have to buy anything like this for several months, besides, the difference it's not that much

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