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Pururun Tennen Oppai

J Cup Breast Toy by G Project
US$319.77 save US$49.39
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Maker G ProjectFantasy GirlfriendMaterial Construction Quattro LayerUsability ReusableMaterial Firmness Soft Cup Size J CupProduct Weight 5600g (12.35lbs)Length/Height 330mm (12.99in)Width 350mm (13.78in)Depth 140mm (5.51in)Lotion included No Release 2021Product Type Breast Toy

User Reviews

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  • | 5/3/2023

    Super soft!

    This has got to be the softest breast toy ive ever felt, i initially thought it was damaged at first because of how little resistance there was when playing with it but its just that soft. In terms of wanting a breast toy to use as a pillow and play with this has got to be the best one imo, though ive only tried a few others. If you're wanting Paizuri then id look elsewhere as this is way too soft to feel any stimulation.

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  • | 12/6/2021

    Feels very close to the real deal

    These breasts are amazing! Feels very nice, and feels very close to the real deal, the best pair I've had the pleasure to own so far. Highly recommended!

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  • | 11/21/2021

    Super soft and very fun

    To preface, this is my first oppai toy, so I have little to compare against unfortunately. They're incredibly soft which makes them incredibly fun to fondle or rest on, but does lead to a lot less simulation for paizuri than I had initially expected. I do find myself babying them a bit as well to avoid them damaging themselves due to their own heft. They have a bit of a smell, but I assume it's the nature of the material and will subside with time. Regardless of those small downsides, I can't say I'm disappointed at all even with the high cost of entry. TL;DR - incredibly soft thusly low stimulation, but are a joy to play with and would highly recommend

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  • | 11/13/2021

    Soft large boobs

    Imagine if someone took the breast physics from dead or alive extreme and made an oppai toy from it. The boobs are large, the box is even larger. The outside layer is nice, and doesn't smell. It is super soft and wobbles like no other breast toy. This is a high quallity breast toy. It does not provide that much feeling when using for oppai since it is so soft, but it is still good for it. It is fun to use as an accessory while having onahole sessions aswell. Next time to the makers of this item when making a breast toy, please make the box as little as possible. The box this was sent in was well put together for such a large item and arrived in perfect condition. Descrete packaging, and was sent to scandinavia without a problem.

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