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Fuwatoro Oppai 2000

J Cup by PPP
US$115.34 save US$39.05
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A beautiful pair of big breats is awaiting you. PPP has done an outstanding job in creating these J Cup breasts. They feel real, soft and the surface is super smooth and real skin like. You can do with them whatever you like, there are no limits with these soft and big titties.

Available on otonaJP since: 2016 March 17
Product Weight (without the package): approx. 2000 Grams
Product Dimensions: approx. 270x170x120mm

Maker: PPPCup Size: J Cup
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User Reviews

8 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 5/14/2022

    big mommy milkers

    best pillow i've ever bought

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  • | 10/29/2020


    I bought these Akihabara last year when on a work trip to Japan. If you put a shirt over them they feel real. Even without a shirt the nipples are very realistic and fun to suck on. These, like other toys, do need corn starch or they get sticky.

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  • | 9/1/2018

    Best Budget Oppai

    The name of this toy pretty much sums it up: it's fuwatoro (that means soft for you baka gaijin), oppai (apparently a J-cup though I haven't measured to check), and weigh roughly 2kg (feels close to 5lbs for my fellow Yankees). Another reviewer mentioned them being more firm than in otona's video; this does seem to be the case but only slightly, and as the toy heats up it gets slightly softer. As an aside I think it's better that they have a bit of firmness as that makes them closer to real breasts and gives more stimulation for paizuri. Only downside of this toy is that there's not much of a "base" to the breasts. They're fine for lying on a flat surface (floor/table/bed/pillow) and playing with but there's nothing to tie down if you wanted to say, strap them to a pillow to make a ghetto sex doll, or try and wear them with a bra/bikini. As with any TPE based toy the factory smell dissipated after a short bath with fruity soap, and a pat down after cleaning with corn starch or baby powder will keep the surface nice and matte. If you want a great oppai toy but don't want to drop the 15k/18k on Utea Grace/Chichifueta, then this might be the best choice. If PPP's smaller offerings are of similar quality to this, then they'd be even cheaper yet excellent options for delving into oppai toys.

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  • | 8/25/2018

    Two handfuls of titties

    I love this toy. It's fun to play with and smack, it's fun to tweak the nipples, it's fun to titfuck 'em. For the price, the size, and the usability of this toy, I would say it's a pretty good deal on this site. There was a slight odor out of the box but nothing I didn't expect. Nothing strong. Washing it down and hitting it with some toy cleaner will see the odor gone quickly.

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  • | 7/22/2018

    Big but that is about it.

    I watched the video about this product on otonajp's youtube. The fuwa oppai looked super soft and jiggly. The ones i received are much much firmer than what the video portrayed and is firmer than the 1.1kg version of this toy. The fuwatoro oppai 1.1kg feels like the insides is jelly. The Fuwatoro oppai 2kg feels like a firm marshmallow. Lame.

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  • | 5/14/2017

    Feels amazing.

    They feel great. Super soft and "real". The only negative is that they have a strong odor out of the box. As the other reviewer has stated however, this goes away after some time. I'd suggest, picking up some corn starch or powder to prevent stickiness.

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  • | 10/21/2016

    its very nice

    if you are looking for a pair of tits, this is one of the best option that you can have. its big, the softness is okay. I think most of you would like it.

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  • | 5/6/2016

    Can't really say this one worth the price...

    First of all, when you open the wrap, it reeks of silicone smell. the smell will faint if you wash it couple time. but you still can smell it. aside from smell, the boob is made out of silicone. Given the nature it has sticky surface. so tons of things like dust, hair, will stick on it. Don't buy this alone, the shipping charge is outrageous as well.

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