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Real Body Ultimate Kiwami Namachichi -infinity-

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Boobs by SSI Japan
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ultra realistic breast toy

Breast toys have come a long way and now with the Real Body Ultimate Kiwami Namachichi -infinity- they have reached a new high and unmatched level of realism. Build with SSI Japan's 3D technology, the Real Body Ultimate Kiwami Namachichi comes so close to the real thing that its almost scary. Just like real tits they have different layers and a soft core, which makes them feel so soft, bouncy and life like that you won't believe it. The nipples are perfectly perky and a real treat to play with. Use the Kiwami Namachichi for a nice Paizuri (japanese for titty fuck), play with them, cuddle them or suck them. Your fantasy is the limit with these perfect tits.

The Real Body Ultimate Kiwami Namachichi -infinity- breast toy by SSI Japan features
  • genuine high quality adult toy
  • realistic feeling breast toy
  • perky nipples invite you to suck on them and play with them
  • heavy 4000 Grams of weight
  • 330x275x125mm in size

Product Type: Boobs


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