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ron ron rotor


A truly Nyantastic Rotor

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Japan is full of Cat Lovers. Cat's are everywhere (and in Cat Cafe's) and the ron ron rotor build on this cute Nyantastic design. It is fully wireless build and comes with a handy remote control which has a reach of about 10 meters. The skin friendly silicone feels comfy and warm on your skin and the ron ron rotor is of course also water proof, giving you a whole lot of possibilities for some kinky shower or bath action. The seven build in patterns will adjust to your needs of pleasure and personal likings, just switch them up as you please. Charging up the ron ron rotor is easy with any usb power source via the included cable and its handy size is also making it the perfect travel companion.

The ron ron rotor features
  • Cute Cat themed Rotor
  • completely wireless with a remote control which has a 10m reach
  • Seven different Vibration Patterns
  • Water Proof
  • chargeable via any usb power source (cable included)


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