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Smell of Gal Underwear

by Tama Toys
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The wonderful smell of used Gal underwear

Available on otonaJP since: 2017 December 16
Volume: 10ml


4 Customer Reviews for Smell of Gal Underwear

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by Saltco December 16, 2018
Too sweet

Very different from the Second Sister Gal product.
This has a very strong and sweet floral smell, but also a faint scent of sweat. I wish the sweat smell was stronger.

The problem is that the sweet aroma is too strong and if I smell too much of it, it'll make me dizzy.
Also the sweet floral smell and the sweat scent don't mix too well each other.

by shimapanlover May 19, 2018
not that great

the smell is pretty average, smells like sweat and too much of it gives me a headache

by Pheromone Addict May 8, 2018
Yes, you read that right, YET a-NOTHER review describing the smell as black plague

Im not joking when I say that a lot of these smell like burning rubber. This one is no acception, its nowhere near a pussy smell. And I DO know what one smells like(Its my favorite smell in the world, hence these reviews. Bottom line, stay away from this scent product, its horrible.

by Pheromone Addict May 8, 2018
Yet another scent that smells just like burning rubber.

There is an ongoing theme with the scent/fetish products and that is that many smell exactly of burning rubber. It is not a good smell. I have been trying to find a product to hold me over during the times that my gf doesnt want to give me her panties to keep in my own house(In times of need when shes not available) and this CERTAINLY did NOT help.

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