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Taimanin Asagi Ingrid Lotion

Lotion by PPP
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Love Lotion based on the Hentai series Taimanin
Maker PPPProduct Type Lotion

The Taimanin Asagi Ingrid Lotion made by PPP is the perfect addition to your Taimanin series onaholes and of course any other male masturbator. It gives a great Hot feeling when in use, which is specially great on cold days. Its slimy and thick and has a slightly perfume smell, just as you would imagine your Taimanin Hentai fantasy to be. The Taimanin Asagi Ingrid Lotion goes perfectly with the Taimanin Asagi Ingrid Dark Flame onahole.

Taimanin Asagi Ingrid Lotion by PPP features

  • Lotion based on the Hentai series Taimanin
  • 120ml of Volume
  • matching lotion for the Taimanin Asagi Ingrid Dark Flame onahole
  • gives a Hot feeling when in use
  • nice smell to it - great addition to your Hentai fantasy

User Reviews

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  • | 3/25/2024

    Thanks for the advice.

    Got this due to being a fan of the series and the reviews. First thing I did was test the sent and they did a fantastic job. Theeeen I made the mistake of using it. I don't think I'll be needing any other lube. This stuff is grest. Love you Ingrid!

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  • | 12/29/2023

    One of the best

    The series in question needs no introduction. The lube comes exactly as shown in the picture. Extremly easy to apply, without damaging the package. The bottle is around 120ml (around 4,06 Oz for the american readers). The smell is so good, i cannot even properly describe how much i liked it. It has a good feeling too. As of the date of this review this is my favorite lube. I recommend it regardless. Ingrid best girl

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  • | 11/5/2022

    This stuff is great

    Everything is great, the feeling, the heat from friction, the small but intoxicating scent, and the price. 100% will buy again, my only regret is not getting the Onahole that went with it

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  • | 10/8/2022

    Amazing quality

    This lube is my all time favorite. While this lube is a bit on the pricy side, only a little bit of this lube is needed to get going. I don't often need to reapply this lube with how long it takes to dry out. It's definitely worth it's price tag. It feels great, cleans up easy, and has a nice floral scent. 10/10 - IGN

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  • | 6/24/2021

    Most interesting - and best - lube I've used yet.

    Bought one of these to go along with the Ingrid Onahole. Simply an interesting lube that feels oil-based and only requires a few drops for effective use, yet is actually water-based and is usable with onaholes or fleshlights. Also dries quickly and leaves a pleasant smell so cleaning-up after fun time with Ingrid is quick and easy.

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  • | 1/12/2021

    Use a little bit at a time only

    This lube is THIN. Extremely runny but doesn't feel like water washing off your unit. Very good coverage. just squeeze a little into your toy and you're good to go.

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  • | 8/9/2020

    Worthy of the pricetag

    First of all it is very thin... you could compare the consistency to that of olive oil. Due to that it had a really good coverage, just a thumb nail sized puddle on my hand was enough to cover my whole dick. I am not saying that i am some superstud, but my dick ain't small either and when compared to gel lubes that is an incredibly tiny amount. I felt the heat from the moment I spread it on my shaft, it was very subtle and increased in intensity very slowly, but by the end, after i wiped off the lube, my dick felt cold and it is currently 30°C over here, so it is not like there was a cool breeze or anything. It was easy to clean off, just a bit of warm water was enough to get all of it off. And even though I washed both my virility and my hands afterwards, the subtle smell of the lube was still present, which is very nice, considering how wonderful the smell is. Now if i were to describe the smell... It smells like perfume, but not perfume that you just spray out of the bottle, no it smells like perfume that is already on the skin, with the subtle scent of skin added into the mix. The perfume fragrance itself smells very flowery, mainly like roses. If i had to put it shortly: It is the smell of a woman, a woman with class, but who is not afraid to show that her goal is to seduce men. It might seem expensive to pay that much for how little lube you are getting, but considering the experience it gives you and the tiny amount of lube you actually need for each session, I think it is well worth the askingprice.

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  • | 5/2/2020

    A really solid lotion.

    Such a great lube with a nice smell and with it lasting quite a while in use.

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  • | 12/2/2019

    Good jack-off lotion

    This is some good stuff. Pairs really well with the Ingrid hole and smells good. Just a little will get the job done.

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