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Taimanin Asagi Oboro Saimin Lotion

Lotion by PPP
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Product Type: Lotion

Love Lotion based on the Hentai series Taimanin

The Taimanin Asagi Oboro Saimin Lotion made by PPP is the perfect addition to your Taimanin series onaholes and of course any other male masturbator. In a collaboration with LiLiTH, this lube takes the Taimanin experience to a new level. It has a nice fragrance to it, creating the feeling of an arrogant and velvety body, just as the matching Taimanin Asagi Oboro Saimin Kokunin onahole is. It comes in a high quality bottle with a very nice artwork on it. You get a nice 120ml of volume which will last you for many onahole uses.

The Taimanin Asagi Oboro Saimin Lotion by PPP features


1 Customer Reviews for Taimanin Asagi Oboro Saimin Lotion

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by MrAsian March 28, 2019
Nice fragrance and thicc

When I first smelled this lube it reminded me a lot of hand lotions you might find at a common drug store. Its a nice floral type scent and I can't help but think it reminds me of a well known brand name lotion.

This is a thick type lube and I found it pairs pretty well with the Oboro onahole itself. I still have to test with other holes that don't use a ribbed type design since the holes with the odd bumps, whirls and chambers tend to do better with a medium-thick type lube for the sensations.

Again I love the style of these lube bottles cause it allows for easy distribution and you don't need to use much per session.

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