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The Holy Odor of an unwashed Girl

by Ligre
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the scent of an unwashed horny pussy

This scent is truly holy. Enjoy the beguiling scent of an unwashed Vagina. She is dripping wet and horny and this special scent can now be enjoyed by you 24/7 with the The Holy Odor of an unwashed Girl, from the dirty minds at Ligre Japan. Add it to a cute panty to enjoy the scent stand alone or how about spicing up your Hip or Love Doll with it. This scent truly enhances any kinky session and is a must have. Enjoy the true scent of that dripping wet unwashed pussy.

The The Holy Odor of an unwashed Girl by Ligre Japan features
  • genuine japanese adult toy
  • perfectly fabricated scent of an unwashed dripping wet pussy
  • add it to your onahole or any fabric like panties or bra
  • comes in a easy to use bottle


8 Customer Reviews for The Holy Odor of an unwashed Girl

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by OdaNonFan June 4, 2020
Not great but ok.

It's got a high, sour pee flavour to it, definitely not the dusky Asian pussy scent I was hoping for, having gone down on a variety of Thai, Chinese and Viet escorts.

You do adjust to it, and it can be quite stimulating mixed with other scents like "The smell of the sweaty uniform from the athletic club girl" or "Scent of a School Girls Uniform", but not what I was hoping for or expecting.

by Ale April 28, 2020
Cheiro gostoso

Recomendo usar isso no 50 garrafas de lubrificante com apenas 5 gotas disso em uma garrafa de 360 ml lhe dará ainda mais prazer

by BlockHead April 9, 2020

After reading the other reviews, I decided to give it a shot. It is almost exactly what other people said about it. It’s so sour it doesn’t smell pleasant, but the name of the product doesn’t imply it to be pleasant either. Good for the super kinky folks ;)

by SSH003 February 28, 2020
Not quite what unwashed vagina smells like

I've been fortunate enough to experience enough pussy to know that this stuff definitely does not smell like unwashed pussy. The first whiff of this stuff immediately makes me think of a dirty sock, plus something sour. If I were to describe the smell, I'd literally say it smells like sour shit. I sure hope a healthy vagina doesn't smell like sour shit! I think there's way too much emphasis on the sour notes, and not anywhere near enough mustiness. There's supposed to be an indescribable funkiness and mustiness that's just not present. Sure, all the other pussy simulation scents before this one was just floral perfume-like smells but I think this one takes it a bit too far, needs to be toned down a bit, because it definitely does not smell like vagina! Maybe a sour asshole.

by Jelloman December 29, 2019
Smells like Ecchi

Hard to add something new to the table cuz the previous 2 reviews do a good job explaining what it feels like. So this is more of an agreement with those reviews.

Let me give my 2 cents. I don't think a girl would have a fruity smell. No. Just think of the fact that they have to wipe themselves every time they use the toilet. Even with a bidet, fluids can still come on to the panties and collect throughout the day. And when that happens, this is the smell I think you get. Fruity perfume is usually prevalent on the upper body of a girl, but this is the raunchy smell I'd expect down under.

by hsart September 30, 2019
No more fruity nonsense - Needs to breathe

Don't like the smell of soap, perfume or other fruity nonsense - those I can get at every cosmetics department. What I'm searching for is the appear of "mystique" which can't be bought around the corner.
In this light it's one of the better ones.

Needs some time to breathe though...
I like to put it generously on a cotton cloth and just leave it for about half a day+.

by Lofi September 17, 2019
The most realistic pussy smell I've tried so far

Unlike other "scent of girls pussy" products I've tried so far this one is the most realistic. It has the single note aroma of a girls pussy juice, a bit musky and slightly acrid. The smell does not carry very far and dissipates quickly. The best way to use it that I have found is to mix it with a tiny bit of warm unscented lube that doesn't dry out too fast to give it that realistic feeling of pussy juice. This allows the scent to stay longer. This one DOES NOT smell of perfume, which is a huge plus for me.

The ironic part is that although this is advertised as a unwashed girl, the scent is actually closer to the pussy juice of a girl with good hygiene and healthy biochemistry, not too funky, but has that odor of something naughty.

by Saltco June 23, 2019
Barely noticeable

Really weak scent. I almost can't sense it. Tama Toys spray products are so much better; at least you can smell them, wherever you like them or not.

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