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The Scent of a Ovulating Female

Lotion by Tama Toys
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Maker Tama ToysVolume 10ml (0.34oz)Fantasy Ovulating Female Release Oct 13, 2020Product Type Lotion

User Reviews

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  • | 1/18/2023

    Good musky fragrance that's not off-putting.

    Definitely has a moderate amount of musky odor with some floral and sweet punch drink to make it appealing. Has just a tiny bit of rubbing alcohol smell to it that dials down the musk just a tad. Overall, a great combination of smells!

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  • | 8/7/2022

    Almost exactly what i was looking for.

    I had used a few other fragrances prior to this one that had displayed lewd titles and art leading me to believe the smells would be too. Unfortunately that was not the case. This one however was. A feminine smell with that slight tang of a wet girls nether-regions. I would recommend spraying some first and letting it dry a bit as the initial spray might be slightly too much. Also great to combine with other non-lewd fragrances.

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  • | 2/3/2022

    A Great Scent

    This scent is pretty fantastic. It really does, to me, mimic the scent of a woman ovulating. It has a rich, warm scent similar to pheremones, somewhat musky as well as feminine floral backnotes. It definitely needs to be disbursed and given a few minutes to bloom. None of these types of fragrances smell accurate in the bottle. Scent is one of our most subjective senses so I suggest trying for yourself it the idea strikes you as something you would like.

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  • | 1/22/2021

    Smells sickening with a hint of sports or energy drink

    Most people would try out these scents by spraying them onto something or spray them into the air and then try to smell what it smells like. I do the smart thing and smell the bottle. Then I open the bottle and smell the scent straight from said bottle. This one feels like it smells a bit like energy drink. Like gatorade or aquarius, but not nearly as good. Just what the fuck did I buy?

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