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The smell of a pregnant woman - Ninpu no Nioi

by Tama Toys
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The scent of a young Pregnant Japanese Girl

If you have a thing for pregnant women and their scents, then you will absolutely love The Smell of a Pregnant Woman - Ninpu no Nioi by Tama Toys. It has been specially made to replicate the fragrance of a young and heavily pregnant Japanese girl. This unique smell-fetish item is perfect for use with costumes, clothes, sex toys, dolls, a partner or anywhere else you desire to experience that sensual smell of a gestating young female.

The Smell of a Pregnant Woman - Ninpu no Nioi Fragrance Highlights:
  • High-Quality Smell Fetish Item by Tama Toys
  • Young Pregnant Woman Replication Scent
  • Volume: 10ml


1 Customer Reviews for The smell of a pregnant woman - Ninpu no Nioi

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by Jelloman January 20, 2020
Lasts as long as quick breath

It's okay but since I am on track to being a wizard, I have nothing to compare this to. But let me try to impart my impressions.

TLDR: The combination of smells is within expectation, but doesn't linger. Hell it doesn't even last a second. What remains is a rubbing alcohol smell.

Long version:

I bought this thinking I was going to experience several things. Mainly: something milky and perhaps sweaty. Reason? Cuz pregnant women have the holy job of carrying extra poundage (and you husbands better worship her for that) and obviously they are going to be producing milk. So did it deliver?

Do I smell hints of what I believe are milk. Yes. Do I smell something sweaty? Yes, I smell the acrid smell of sweat, although faint.

However, all these smells last like only a second. Then you are left with what I can only describe as rubbing alcohol.

All in all, I did like the combination of smells the split second the spray left the atomizer. Afterwards, it was a disappointing experience of smelling something that burns more than teases the nose. Sadly, this was a miss, which is a shame.

If you want better things to invoke your pregnant fetishes, go for the lotions/lubes. Whatever they do when they manufacture, it feels like they are jam packed with whatever milk formula they mix in and it should remind you how to be a mama's boy sucking titties (if that's your thing).

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