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Used Panties with Photos (set of 50)

"Used Panties with Photos (set of 50)"

worn underwear fetish set
  • Sku: 使用済み風加工品 フォト付きパンツ(50個SET)
Used Panties with Photos (set of 50)

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If you love japanese used panties then with this massive set of 50 different panties with photos is perfect for you. You will never run out of cute panties with the fabricated scent of being worn and used by young and innocent japanese girls. They are perfect to be used standalone or as a great addition to your Love doll or pocket pussy. Each are individually wrapped.

The Used Panties with Photos (set of 50) are featuring
  • massive set of japanese worn panties
  • each individually wrapped
  • each is coming with a unique photo
  • perfect for used underwear fetish
  • photos and panty design can vary from the pictures
  • *this item can not be returned

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