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What is an Onahole?

Onaholes are masturbator for Men from Japan and they are by far the best in the world!

What is an Onahole?

What is an Onahole?

Types of Onaholes

There are various types of Onaholes that resemble different Sexual experiences such as Vaginal, Anal, Blowjob and much much more. We carry the worlds largest selection of Onaholes, all available at your fingertips.

Usage and Accessories

We carry a wide variety of Accessories for your Onaholes such as Cleaning materials or USB Warmers to nicely heat your Onahole up on the inside to make the experience even more real.

Cleaning and Care

We have a big selection of antibacterial cleaning soaps and more. In general we recommend dedicated Onaholes cleaners for maintenance which are used in combination with warm (not hot) water to clean your Onaholes. Always store then in a dry and cool place after washing.

History and background

Onahole, often shortened to Onaho, is a combination of the two Japanese words; Onani (originally a German word) which translates to “masturbation” and Hole which is borrowed from the English word “hole,” so basically “masturbation hole.” Onahole is the Japanese Word for Masturbator, Pocket Pussy, Pocket Vagina, Artificial Vagina or whatever Masturbator for Men are called in your language. In recent years the popularity of Onahole's has greatly increased worldwide and today people refer to “Masturbator for Men” that come from Japan simply as Onahole or Onaho.

Due to the high quality of Onahole’s from Japan, Onahole became a word many associate with high quality and great value for the money adult toys. Japan is home to the world’s largest adult toy industry when it comes to original designs for Masturbator's for Men, Breast Toys, or Sex Dolls. They’re made of advanced quality and durable material to ensure long lasting use and pleasure. Most Onahole's from Japan have an anime influence but many are based on real people, such as popular JAV (Japanese Adult Video) actresses. While most Onahole’s are handheld in size, there is also a wide variety of Large Hip shaped Onahole's that are often life-like in size or close to it. Those are often referred to as “Hip Onahole” or “Hips” in general.

Onahole's are available in various sizes, anatomy (anal, vaginal, mouth etc.), and price range. However, what they all have in common is the incredible value they give you for your money. They are often compared to Fleshlights or other western made mastubator's but Onaholes surpass them in quality and durability as well as design. This is why Onahole's have become so popular worldwide, not just among Japan and anime fans.