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A bride on the wedding night

Hentai Onahole by Toys Heart
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Product Type: Hentai Onahole

Enjoy this Bride themed Pussy Stroker

Pop the cherry of a pure virgin bride on her wedding night with the A Bride on the Wedding Night Onahole by Toys Heart. Her super soft and supple material and her exterior ribbed design make this toy easy to use and feel exceptional. Her snug inner tunnel is a meandering tube with surrounding walls veiled in soft protrusions that will grip and rub the entirety of your penis form the head down to the base. The stretchy materials can be used to extend the toy to accommodate longer members while also providing a tighter stimulation that truly feels like you're inside an unspoilt virgin bride on her wedding night.

The A Bride on the Wedding Night Sex Toy Features:
  • Virgin Bride on Her Wedding Night Theme
  • Super Soft & Stretchy Materials
  • Stimulating Inner Tunnel
  • Comes with Complimentary Pack Of Lubricant
  • Weight: 150 Grams
  • Dimensions: 170 x 48 x 140 mm


6 Customer Reviews for A bride on the wedding night

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by Normal dude March 19, 2019
almost not worth it

first off, It looks weird, not that we're buying these for looks.
Second off, I realize now it's probably an anal simulation onahole, so less enthused about it now.

+ decent suction
+easier to get lube into due to cup like exterior (that it was without vag lips shoulda been my clue this was an anal simulation onahole. D'oh!)

- during first use something inside broke and came out. I'm not much different from average people. Was a real killer of the mood and haven't used it since.
- Beyond the suction no stimulation at all.
- Hard to get past the opening

by Twenty1 June 7, 2018
Decent but...

It's a decent onahole but there are better ones out there. If you are on a budget however, this will work just fine

by Alessandro March 30, 2018
Almost no stimulation

Long onahole with verrry tight entrance and no internal textures, probably meant to simulate anal. The material is way too soft and that with the narrow entrance makes lubing up, insertion and cleaning difficult. Get the oreimo parody instead. Not recommended.

by Joe September 23, 2017
Not entirely happy

Me personally it's not extremely satisfying, but for the price, you can't expect much. Mine came with a few tears on the outside, which on top of not much stimulation for me made me give the rating I did. A bit a disappointing really, but it'll still do the job.

by tonydiediedie August 26, 2017
Tight and long

I love this, it has a great price, feels amazing, and its durable.. and i love the artwork omg.

by NotAlien August 9, 2017
Not bad

This is my first ona hole. I would recommend this as a first time ona hole user. The price for it is okay, however buying it on a sale may be worth it more.

I find that it's not thick enough in material, and at points can see where it's stretched out against my skin. But this so far hasn't cause any issues. It comes with a small amount of lube, good for a few uses. While I've never used lube before, I found it to be of good quality.

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