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After School HIP (Panty+Skirt Ver.)

by Ikebukuro Toys
(appx. 49.71 )
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This Air doll comes with a Skirt and panty.

Please note that the onahole is not included and have to be purchased seperatly. 

  • Available on otonaJP since: 2016 July 24
  • Product Weight (without the package): approx. 138 Grams (Air Doll)
  • Product Dimensions: after the doll is inflated approx. 400x40x38mm


2 Customer Reviews for After School HIP (Panty+Skirt Ver.)

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by Onaholoveru January 14, 2017
So sexy !!

The size is big and a sexy shape
The color is good and I combine very well with "Gokkun athlete"*
It is difficult to inflate.
But this lady needs all your attention ;)
The material looks thin, but Seems to be good quality

Panties are very soft and Cute. skirt looks good too, a lil' large
Shorter skirt would have been better.

For the doubts. Be sure to purchase a repair kit
I hope the manufacturer made it in full torso
and more bullet proof. I would pay double and a little more.

by Skysymptoms August 25, 2016
Frustrating toy to use

This toy is very frustrating to use for me.
First of all; the actual proportions are great - it's not a tiny loli hip but a bit more on the bigger (but still slim!) side which is great it's more in the highschoolgirl proportion range.
The panties included surprised me with being of actual great quality, the colors on the skirt are also very nice but there was already threads hanging from it upon unpackaging. All in all the actual quality was better than I expected!

Now the negatives;
A minor thing but this is a hell of a work to inflate. Use a pump.
More problematic is the slot for the onahole - you really NEED to use the stock onahole for it. It's really small and I can't get in any other onahole I currently have like virgin age admission or my favorite Daisuki Hold. If you think about putting in something such as a fleshlight just flat out forget about it. The problem is also that the actual canal is kinda short (why, WHY did you fuck this up???) so anything long would stick out inappropriate.

Which leads to the next problem; the stock, recommended, ona hole is garbage. No sensation in it and just plain bad. Not only that; when you put it inside it's extremly hard to penetrate or have sex period. If you're even average length or girth (I am) it's flat out pretty much impossible. It doesn't fit easy into the hold of the toy either.

If anyone knows of a better ona hole for this toy I'd love to hear it.

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