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Rends USB Onahole Warmer

Warmer by Rends
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Maker Rends Release Nov 15, 2013Product Type Warmer

Heat up your onahole, hip o rthe hole of your sex doll with this high quality USB onahole warmer. Simply plug it into any USB port and warm your hole up for the action to come.

User Reviews

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  • | 4/4/2024


    Either I don't get how to use it or the other reviews are right... it just doesn't work right and seems to solidify the lube I use (have tried 3 different ones) not a good product but I could just be dumb...

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  • | 12/22/2023

    Cheap Plastic

    Low Quality and extremly slow heating, when forgotten can melt your onahole. Not Recommended.

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  • | 5/2/2022

    Struggles to get the job done

    Standard warming stick, powers through USB so it can't be more simple to use. Do lube the hole first before inserting, but cleaning the stick after is kind of a pain. Have mixed experiences with not much success at getting the right effect. Takes about 5 minutes or more to heat up enough and most of the time the heat does not last very long. Would not recommend leaving the stick in hole for too long as it could cause damage or misshaping. Not great during the winter season as it just takes ages to warm anything, much easier taking a hot bath instead. Might just cut the cord and use it as a plug..

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  • | 3/3/2022

    Perfect to spice things up!

    I have seen a lot of people complain about any warmer because they melted their onaholes. You should leave your warmer on the onale at 15 minutes MAX. Usually at 10 minutes its perfect or you can risk to melt it. Anyways! I bought this in 2019 and its still surpricingly working! Best accesory you can get for your onaholes so far!

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  • | 11/26/2021

    Does the job I guess?

    Not much to say about this other than it does the job. Given the price, you should expect to get what you're paying for. The build quality isn't exactly the best, feels a bit flimsy and it takes a while to heat up.

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  • | 11/4/2021

    Melted my Onahole

    It melted my onahole. My onahole is no longer nice and tight now its loose and its ruined. It does work though pretty warm and felt good but not worth risking ruining an onahole.

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  • | 11/1/2021

    Does the job

    It certainly does it's job of warming up your onahole. Do be careful as it gets quite hot, definitely do not leave it unattended. Depending on the lube used, the heat generated tends to bake it onto the warmer, but it's nothing a good wash and rinse won't clean off.

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  • | 11/16/2020

    temperature grab bag

    I was surprised after reading some of the reviews here about this getting too hot when i tried it and it doesn't hardly get hot at all. I think it's luck of the draw whether you get one that works well, works TOO well, or doesn't work well at all. That or i'm not leaving it in the onahole long enough but i've waited like 10-15 minutes and i feel like the lube and the mass of the onahole is just too much of a thermal sink for this to be very effective. So maybe this works better with smaller onaholes? Not sure. It's a good thing it's cheap at least.

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  • | 9/19/2020

    Be careful!

    I think it goes without saying, liquid and electricity do not go well. Take precautions when using the USB. There are also many people who end up destroying their onaholes with this. So take note. All that aside, it's good to have a quick heat. What I like to do is use 2 onahole, 1 soft 1 hard and swap between them. In that moment, heat the other up. It does give a nice 'shock' factor to a long session.

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  • | 8/9/2020


    I got this onahole warmer through my Super Ecchi Grab Bag, and all I can really say is it does its job well........ a little "too" well..... This onahole warmer is pretty basic. You plug it in, and it warms up your onahole. Nothing more to say. Though I do have some BIG TIME complaints about it. For one, this thing feels pretty flimsy. I feel like I'm two slight tugs from ripping the cord right out of the warmer; and that isn't good. God forbid it breaks while its plugged in, there could be an electrical discharge that can seriously injure me. Another problem I have is that this thing will keep getting hotter and hotter the longer you leave it plugged in. Now before getting this warmer, I owned a Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer which cost about 20 bucks and works wonders for my masturbators. The Fleshlight warmer would warm my toys like any warmer would, but it had a built-in timer so it would turn itself off after 5 minutes or so. Then it would turn itself back on to keep a consistent temperature in my masturbators to make the warmth feel natural. This onahole warmer doesn't have a timer feature, so if you leave it in your onahole or fleshlight for any longer than 4-5 minutes, you'll potentially melt the innards of the toy. If not that, then you could burn your member before even making it halfway in your onahole. Though its nice to have an extra warmer, I tend to leave this in its box. Its cheaply made, and warrants a potential electrical hazard. I say get a Fleshight Sleeve Warmer, not this thing.

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  • | 4/14/2019

    Worth its Price... in a bad way...

    General Thoughts: I bought this item because I thought my dick wouldn't enjoy being stuck in a cold toy... boy was I mistaken. Thrusting into my toy heats it up better than this thing. The heat from the warmer often damages the silicone of my toy and causes the warmer to be sticky and gross. It doesn't really heat up well and feels just as warm as a cheap pocket heater on a winter day... which means you can feel it but its not really worth mentioning.

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  • | 1/25/2019


    after buying two of these because of the low price, it became clear that you're getting what you pay for. they would sometimes take an absurdly long time to get warm, and one stopped working after a short time. they keep your onahole warmer for longer than simply putting it in or running hot water over it and while I can't recommend this product, I will say that it is quite nice when it actually works.

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  • | 11/24/2018

    Not necessary, but awesome

    It will add a way to fap with your onaholes. Penetrating a warm hole is an awesome feeling. Just be careful to not break your onahole because of the heat.

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  • | 10/30/2018

    Too long, barely a difference

    I guess it depends where you plug this in but it takes nearly 20mins before I can feel proper heat. The onaholes are usually steaming when I pull it out and I'm always worried about burning... but by the time I put myself in the heat is gone very quickly. I heard getting those small refrigerators that have a heating setting is a much better way to heat onaholes if you're serious about a warm session.

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  • | 10/19/2018

    Must buy

    Great product that does the job, heats up your onahole for a much better experience, better realism and comfort. It takes a while to warm up onaholes, apply lube before you insert it. Also need to keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn't heat the onahole too much, as it might damage it. Haven't used an onahole without this ever since I bought it.

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  • | 10/14/2018


    It's alright for what it is. It's cheap so it take a while to warm up, and it doesn't warm it up enough in my opinion. So I would buy a better one if you can but if you can't then this will do adequately.

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  • | 10/9/2018

    It gets the job done

    It takes a while for it to heat up and when you apply it with some lubricant into your onahole it heathens her up in a matter of minutes. Of course you can't expect to much from it since it's rather cheap but it gets the job done.

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  • | 10/1/2018

    Great improvement from the old version

    The second version of Rends USB Onahole Warmer is better at regulating temperature than the first version and fix some of the minor issues in the older version. While I receive this item as a free bonus, I had purchased this item multiple times from other stores. There are newer products out there, but none of them does the job better than Rends USB Onahole warmer. However, I recommend to ease caution when using it as leaving it in an onahole for too long will ruin your toys. Remember this is a nice addition to enhance your sessions and is a must have for any onahole users.

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  • | 9/8/2018

    worth a little extra

    Works as described. For the very liitle extra cost, it does good enough job for the money

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  • | 8/27/2018


    Excellent warmer for cold nights, or just if you want an extra spicy hot session with your favorite hole. Try an average of 15 minutes while warming your toy; any longer might cause it to feel much more stimulation and hot but careful, as leaving it for LONG periods might damage your onahole. Gets the job done, but the durability is just as good as the price suggests. MIND THE CABLE! Don't let your lube touch it as it might decrease the life span of the stick.

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  • | 8/27/2018

    A nice addition to any hole

    This definitely makes life easier when trying to heat up your onahole, and the experience is so much better. Usual waiting time for me is 15 minutes, and as other reviews have mentioned, use lube so you don't damage your toys.

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  • | 7/6/2018

    Enhancing the experience

    If you use onaholes regularly this will definitely spice things up. Sometimes I let it warm up for an hour and the result is wow.

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  • | 6/23/2018

    brings your onahole to life

    The product is basically a little heater that adds warmth to the inside of your onahole. It really adds something special. The heater works with an usb port so it's pretty universal. But do keep a watch because the heater doesn't turn off by itself. And you need to use some lotion when using the heater. I found 10 minutes is the sweetspot combined with onatsyu lotion. This is one of the best warmers out there for the money.

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  • | 6/3/2018


    If you are able to buy this witth your onahole, you must do this.

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  • | 4/29/2018


    Needs around 15min since plugged to heat something like Mouth of Truth or Big Rina. It promotes premature ejaculation so I dont know to what grade this increase in realism is more desirable. Also, you get the same effect after 5 mintues with your dick plugged in, so im not using it that much. Too much of a hustle, imo

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  • | 4/27/2018

    Nice addition

    Worth every Yen. Warmth really add realism to it.

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  • | 4/25/2018

    Does what it should be doing.

    My front USB drive is knackered on my pc so it takes longer than usual to warm up but it makes or breaks many onaholes when it comes to feeling, the warmth is really something great. Must buy if youre planning several sessions in advance.

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  • | 4/17/2018

    Takes a while to heat up, and is kinda small

    I found that you need to let it sit for a while outside the toy, and then put it in, otherwise it takes even longer to heat up. It is a bit small, but maybe this is just my problem as I tried to use it to warm up fleshlights, and they have larger and longer canals than onaholes. Still, it does its job well and is not expensive.

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  • | 4/16/2018

    Essential but has issues

    Having a warm onahole increases the pleasure by atleast 2x and so this product is almost a necessity. However, I've had issues with durability with one previous purchase having broken within a few months. I've also noticed that over time the amount of time needed to heat increases from around 15 mins to up to 30 mins.

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  • | 4/4/2018


    As others said it does its job. I'm warming it using the frontal USB ports of my PC (3.0). It takes around 10min for it to reach its maximum temperature I would say. WARNING : it can damage your onahole. While it might not melt like an ice cube on a frying pan, the heat will deform the texture inside if left for too long. You need to be very mindful about this. While some onaholes might be completely resistant to this depending on the brand and material, some will suffer irremediable damage. Think about this before buying / using.

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  • | 3/20/2018

    Good, if you mind your timing

    To make it more realistic you often use these warmers to warm the onahole up. The device can be run on everything that supports a USB (e.g. your computer or charger from your phone). Just watch out that you don't warm it up for too long. I wasted my precious first onahole after the second use because I let it in for too long (more than 10 minutes). Good product, though.

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  • | 2/8/2018

    Gets the job done

    For a warmer, it really does it's job. Although you must be careful not to leave it for more than 5 minutes, you'll cook your onahole. Apply some lube on the stick, insert it and you're ready to warm up your rubber waifu.

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  • | 1/6/2018

    Does the job well.

    An excellent choice for this price. It warms Onahole in 3-5 minutes. I'm using a 2.0 amper charger.

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  • | 12/27/2017


    That thing causes addiction. Now I am not able to use my onahole without it. Warmer gives completely different feeling, and for such a price this is a “must have”.

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  • | 12/26/2017

    Must-have for avid onahole fans

    This is an item you pretty much need if you own and use onaholes. They feel much better when warm, and this is perhaps the easiest way to warm them up. This warmer isn't very expensive and does its job well, although it takes quite a bit of time to warm the onahole well (it can sometimes take up to 15 minutes). Overall, give it a try.

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  • | 11/28/2017

    A bit slow.

    The warmer takes a little while to actually do the job, however, it's to be expected of such a cheap warmer. It'll still do the job but you're going to need to be patient.

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  • | 10/6/2017

    It gets the job done

    I was kind of hoping this would be better quality but for the price its understandable. It takes anywhere from 5-10 minutes to get a good temperature but i'd say it's well worth the wait. Biggest downside for me is that sometimes it feels like it disconnects or just stop heating up but might be my PC USB ports, lol :)

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  • | 9/23/2017

    Good for any time

    This is a good accessory for any time. Especially in the winter time, and then you will use it most. Works as should and you need about 10-20 minutes to get insides of onahole good and warm. Mostly depends on thickness of material off course. It gets rather very warm as I'd noticed. I'd say more that 30 Celsius degrees (did not check it), so it is recommended to use lube inside onahole before inserting warmer inside as can get quite warm. It may deform insides if it is some very soft material like double layers if you'd leave in inside for more than 20 mins. If not lubricated well enough, can stick a bit on the inside. If compared to Atakai warmer, this model has much longer cord which makes it perfect and also seems better built than Atakai model. So is is cheaper and with longer cord, that is super useful.

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  • | 9/17/2017

    It does the job

    It's a cheap and very useful accessory for your onaholes. Warming the onahole before use eliminates the cold shock when inserting your penis and greatly improves the sensation. Additionally this device is much more convenient than using a water bath and having to deal with a wet (with water) onahole. My only gripe is I wish it could heat up faster; I did successfully connect it to a 2A USB charger which sped it up from 10 minutes to 5 minutes but I guess I am a bit impatient when using onaholes :D. Make sure to keep the warmer inside the onahole while it's warming up to speed up the process.

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  • | 8/12/2017

    It feels fantastic but the quality is lacking

    This warmer makes all onaholes feel amazing. Soft skin type, hard gel type, etc. However, there's nothing to tell you it's "working", so you have to keep checking it as it warms. That isn't super convenient, but it does it's job.

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  • | 7/30/2017

    Works great for the price

    I put this warmer into my onahole, tenga and fleshlight and after a few minutes, its nice and warm inside. It makes the experience so much better and the price is very reasonable. Its nice and warm inside, much better than sticking your dick into a cold onahole.

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  • | 5/20/2017

    A cheap but effective add-on

    Takes about 5 to 10 minutes when plugged into my pc, works as intended. Its still working fine after almost one month later, you just have to take care of it. I cant confirm if it actually loosens your onaholes over time though, because I used it for all my onaholes and they all loosened a little over time, but it was not a big deal. Its hard to NOT use it after you've tried it, as the warmth is really great for immersion.

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  • | 4/1/2017

    nice and warm

    although it feels cheap and undurable, it still does a good job warming up your onahole. for the price, i couldnt complain

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  • | 3/30/2017

    good cheap product

    It works well.. Takes maybe 15 minutes to warm up your hole. The wiring at the top is prone to bending/snapping though but it's cheap so you can always get another

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  • | 3/23/2017

    It works

    It gets the job done. You simply plug it on your PC and it slowly gets warmer, giving your onaholes a little more life. There's a huge problem, though. The wiring inside the warmer is really thin and breaks easily. Mine broke after a single month of use. You can fix it by opening the warmer and welding the wires back together but I doubt most people would went through all that trouble. In short I do recommend it but be careful to not break it too soon.

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  • | 2/13/2017

    A necessary evil

    A bit pricey, but it gets the job done. It takes a while to warm up, and then you have to worry about overheating, but at least now your hole is warm--until it isn't in 5 minutes. Works with an Apple wall adapter if you need that, though I don't know if that changes the lifespan. Looks a little bit undurable, but it hasn't broken yet.

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  • | 2/5/2017

    Good product but breaks easily

    Does its job, but the wires are very thin so be very careful with handling it. I've already broken two but now I realize that the problem is that the wires get disconnected and not the device itself breaking.

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  • | 12/24/2016

    Does its job

    This product simply improves the sensation, it is not the same to feel the cold lubricant to have the warm sensation of penetrating a warm and cozy cavity, just like your girlfriend... Buy it, it's a wise choice.

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  • | 12/10/2016

    Definitely recommended

    It's well worth it! Keeping it inside the onahole for about 15 minutes makes the experience so much better than just a chilly onahole! As the warmth wraps around you... Quite an amazing sensation. Note that the warmer can be harmful for some onaholes, though, as their insides might "melt" from too much heat.

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  • | 12/4/2016

    Very Good; But use a wall charger

    This device is great, especially during the cold wintertime. However, if you use it with your computer port it's rather slow, so I recommend using a phone charger. Phone chargers put out more power, it will heat the tunnel faster, but be careful and watch it so you don't melt your onahole. Never leave it unattended!

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  • | 11/26/2016

    Decent Addon

    As other reviews have said, this device could be a nice, cheap addon to your order. It does heat up somewhat slowly (10-20 minutes on average) but it does a satisfactory job. I only use it with one of my onaholes, though, since leaving it inside for a couple minutes may cause your hole to stretch out and become noticeably loose.

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  • | 11/25/2016

    It's an optional early sensation

    This warmer is a nice addition to penetrating an onahole but it's not an overwhelming sensation (after you're into your session for a few minutes already the onahole will be warm anyway). A good price for an optional product, it does the job.

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  • | 11/20/2016

    Need to warm up your funtime? Look no further.

    Like most people who own onaholes, I'm sure you've all used them without any warmer at one point sooner or later. Now while they do eventually warm up from your own body temperature during a session, the initial, cold first insertion can be a real turn off. To say the least it doesn't feel like that good. Simply put this in whatever you plan on using for roughly 10-15 minutes and it'll make your sessions 10x better. It's not perfect, but it gets the job done for it's price.

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  • | 11/14/2016

    High quality

    High quality at a low price, what isn't good about it

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  • | 11/1/2016

    Decent quality

    Good for what it is sold for

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  • | 9/14/2016

    Go for it

    Its a cheep little extra for those who just want it, I don't use it every time i use my onaholes but its worth it for the times i do. It does its job and its cheep not much else to say about it.

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  • | 9/4/2016

    Extra, not Necessary

    It takes about 3-7 to warm up this device depending on what adapter you are using. Time varies from hole to hole, it depends on the material, size and maybe other factors such as ambient temperature. But nevertheless this product performs it function very well.

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  • | 6/13/2016

    It does the job.

    It does warm up pretty well, I charge it up with my portable charger and it works. Would recommend.

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  • | 5/9/2016

    You get what you pay for

    It's cheap, it does the job ok. It does warm it but to me it seems very weak and the heat doesn't last, or just feels only slightly warm. I used this method with heated up lube to compensate I've heard of malfunctions with this product and bad reviews about it's quality, but personality it just wasn't very good. If you have the money, sure why not. But there are more worthwhile methods to warm your toys, and quicker.

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  • | 5/6/2016

    Works, not necessary

    The product works as described. Heats up in about 5 minutes and takes another 15 to warm up your onahole - time might vary slightly depending on the size and the density of the material. All in all, it does work. If you absolutely want a warmer hole, get this. However, personally, I'd say it's not a necessity. Skip this item if you're short on cash.

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