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Astro Piston

Electric Powered Onahole
Electric Powered Masturbator for Men
Product Type Electric Powered Onahole
The Astro Piston is a fully electric powered masturbator. Enjoy the intense pleasure without even breaking a sweat by just letting the Astro Piston do its job. It was specially designed to resemble the enjoyment of a deep throat experience, paired with a strong vacuum. The included inner sleeve has 120 little Soft Fins inside which are giving you an even stimulation on your Glans and whole member. If you feel the vacuum getting to strong, you can release Air with the "Air Release Button" which lets you adjust the experience you have with the Astro Piston to your personal needs. Powered with AA batteries can you easily take out the inner sleeve to clean it up. The Astro Piston masturbator surely is a great start into the world of Electric masturbators which comes at a very affordable price tag.

The Astro Piston male sex toy features
  • High Quality Adult Toy from Japan
  • fully Electric powered Masturbator
  • Intense Deep Throat Stimulation with a Strong Vacuum
  • powered by AA batteries
  • inner layer included - can be easily washed
  • Inner layer with 120 little Soft Fins for even Stimulation
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User Reviews

2 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 6/9/2021

    Unfit for purpose.

    This product has many problems, but the deal breakers for me were: The cup which encloses the sleeve was much too small, resulting in a slight tugging and pushing if anything. Majority of the time the piston will struggle to actually move in the "piston motion". The noise is very loud, x2 of the Vorze piston. The sleeve which came with it was deformed, many of the soft fins were melted together. On the other hand, batteries were included, and the piston exterior material was of a decent quality.

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  • | 3/26/2021

    Too small the features are lacking

    This thing is too small. I would say I'm above average at best. I spent about 30 minutes trying to fit this on, but it's too tiny. The "piston action" is super fast and just a simple up and down motion. It only has two speeds, fast and really fast. There's a vibration setting but it's very weak. After struggling to get it to fit for 30 minutes, I just threw this away. At least it comes with batteries. If you're looking for a good electronic onahole, I recommend not getting a budget one like this. Find a better one, this site has plenty of good ones, I'm sure.

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