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Puni Ana SPDX

Hip Onahole by EXE
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Big Hip male masturbator with realistic bone structure
Maker EXEProduct Type Hip Onahole

Well known for their incredibly realistic feeling onaholes, EXE Japan have put all that research and erection-powered science into this incredible male sex toy, the Puni Ana SPDX which is part of the popular Puni Ana masturbator series. Weighing in at a massive 4kg and made from super lifelike material, Puni Ana SPDX offers both the vagina and anal tunnels in stunning detail. They don't just look the part, these two holes actually feel vastly different to each other, capturing all the amazing sensations you could ever dream of and making it an incredible sex toy for men. The cleaning process has been streamlined for ease of use, and better yet, the onahole even includes a bone structure to enhance its realistic feeling. We're talking a full rib cage and pelvis here. Puni Ana SPDX is unlike anything seen before! Can you imagine spending the night with that beautiful girl on the packaging, with her small perky breasts and firm butt? Well you can. She's here, waiting for you. This is one onahole experience you'll never forget!

The Puni Ana SPDX from EXE features

  • Genuine japanese large masturbator from EXE Japan
  • Huge torso with realistic bone structure
  • Loli themed onahole
  • Weight about 4000 Grams
  • Item dimensions approx. 320x200x110mm
  • Comes with a small sample lotion

User Reviews

24 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 11/26/2021


    She is big and i grown fond of her after few uses, cleaning her is a bit pain but you will get used to it. perfect toy with perfect size

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  • | 7/15/2021

    Great Full-torso Toy

    This is one of the best Full-torso toys I've used. The holes are great and the whole thing is enjoyable. The inside bone structure makes it viable for all kinds of positions and just add to the excellency of the product. My only slight issue with the product is how both holes are connected at the end; I know this is to make cleaning easier, but the holes lack a vacuum when "in use", making sounds as well as requiring more lube. Other than that, this product is one of the best of it's kind and highly recommended!

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  • | 1/4/2021

    Shining gem of my collection

    Great feel in both holes, though the anal side is a bit too tight for my liking. When in all the way, the anal tunnel will seal off and give a little sucking action to the head. Probably want to get a silicone brush for bottles to make cleaning significantly easier.

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  • | 12/31/2020


    So let's start by saying that I have another torso onahole (Cocolo) the extra weight this one provides it's AMAZING, you can use it in all kinds of positions, the sensation of the weight smashing down it's fucking GLORIOUS. Quite solid build everything feels amazing, if you are indecided between cocolo and this I suggest going with this if you the extra space and money. This one need to be cleaned in a shower/bathtub or bidet if you live in a civilized country, you can't fit it in regular sinks, and it's a pain in the ass to dry, it takes around 30-40 m for cleaning and drying. Best overall torso experience 10/10.

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  • | 8/22/2020

    Amazing First Onahole :)

    Maybe this isn't a review that you can really trust, because this is my first onahole and torso, so maybe what feels great to me is average for others, but I just have to say that she's been feeling amazing so far. Pros: Loli Shape it feels really good! Easy to clean, because the vaginal and anal holes are connected It's heavy (that's a pro for me) The bone structure is super immersive, as it makes her semi-stable, and you can easily feel the difference between her chest and belly botton Tight just enough for my tastes Comes with a little of lube, but I haven't used it as I bought a full bottle of it, so I don't know how good it really is Cons: The body gets dirty easily, and it is difficult to remove the little stains that get attached to her skin, even with water, so you have to bathe her lol Maybe a little bit expensive, but I've seen other products from Puni Ana that are only the hip and are even more expensive, so I guess it's not that much of a problem, and those from other brands are around this price Luckily I had absolutely no problems with shipping, so it has been a really good first experience in this world of onaholes!

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  • | 2/10/2020


    Really beautiful toy. I like it as it is big and feels good. Easy too clean so i reccomend. It is not too soft not too hard. Its durble and lasts long. It also comes in a nice package to store it safe. Its an amazing onahole

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  • | 7/18/2019

    First Torso

    My experience was fleshlights, onaholes, and tenga products. The downside with those devices is you know you're jerking off. With the torso I bought my brain got tricked into thinking I was having sex. It was like fucking a girl doing the starfish(she just lays there while you do all the work). The fact that my hands were free to grope and feel the toy helps immersion. This is a loli toy with a loose vagina, though my comparison is onaholes. It is easy to clean due to the connected vaginal and anal passage. There were some minor wrinkles, identation marks, and compressed TPE on the right shoulder. I massage and stretched the areas to remove the wrinkles only the shoulder remains slightly compressed. Very durable otherwise though, it's easy to change position and play with. There is very little noise when using it, no suction, very stretchy, managable weight. If you want suction get a buttplug for the torso and insert it after entering into the doll. Overall I'm satisfied, my next purchase will be a full sized doll I was just testing the water.

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  • | 12/29/2018

    Get this if you have extra to spare

    Just as the summary says, you can't go wrong with this one. Although I heard from people that there were defects when it was delivered to them. I was skeptical in getting this at first but then I decided to just go with it and there was nothing wrong with it. Overall, the product feels great and it seems to be durable as well (for now.) My only slight complaint with this is that it doesn't come with any lube. At least gimme a small bottle for an onahole at this price >.< Also no tan at all as shown in the wonder box art. The price could be a little less steep imo but the whole package makes up for the cost imho.

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  • | 7/31/2018

    Risk vs. Reward

    So, I've heard a lot about this thing. Between the amazing reviews it go, but also all the horror stories about manufacturing errors and quick deterioration, it does sound like a gamble. I put my bet on the table when I seen the price drop from $250 to $150... but the shipping price was murder as well (about $110). It was an expensive buy for something that could potentially be a bad call. Thankfully, a 15% off deal told me to try it out. And my god am I glad this purchase was made. This thing truly does feel amazing! First off, it's heavy... I had gotten Sujiman Kupa Cocolo a long while back (still usable too after a year) and this thing is about 50% bigger than Cocolo, with DOUBLE the weight... Your arms will get tired if you aren't thrusting or if you're not gonna end anytime soon. There's quite a bit of material for this and it's almost like the torso of a mini sex doll. I believe the one review where they said it's the closest thing to the real deal without breaking the law... As for the risky part, it's that bone structure. I have no major issues with it, even after a bit of use. The top came with a weird shape so it's not flat there, but it's not a problem as of right now... As for the feeling, it's rather tight. I'm at above average size (which is why Onaholes like Lolinco would't stand a chance with me), so I can get rather deep in this thing... if it wasn't pushing me out. That bone structure allows for the holes to be a bit tighter than normal, so you have to be mostly rock hard for the vagina and ABSOLUTELY hard for the anus... but both feel amazing when you're in there. I also think the deeper you can go, the more intense the feeling. That's how it was for me at least... As for storage, I've heard some stories of the bone structure breaking if it's not flat on it's back. Try keeping the case (and hopefully the bag) it was in when you get the box. it should help preserve this thing. And it goes without saying to powder and clean these things... I've had recent issues where the outside is sticky after each use on some of my latest stuff, and the SPDX is eventually gonna be the same. Plus I've also heard there's a kind of tiny worm that likes living in dirty sex toys and you don't want to get infected, so wash the insides after use (I've tried both rubbing alcohol and Fleshwash Toy cleaner before, both can work if you aren't for the soap and water treatment). Washing though... you want something to flush the gunk out (I use something i can squirt in there like an empty bottle filled with water). As for drying.... get something you can stick in there like a toy cleaner, your fingers are not gonna hit the bottom and you might not want to wad up pieces of paper towel or something for this. Overall, it's a hefty price (this is definitely Torso category and not Onahip), but can be quite worth it. But the manufacturing can be a deal breaker since it takes a lot to get this thing made and there's apparently a chance that you can get a bad one. So decide carefully if you want to buy this thing. The fact that you can get issues easy and the (originally) high price is the reason why I'm giving this a flat 4 instead of a 5.

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  • | 6/3/2018

    Dont wash to warm or hot water

    I purchased the Puni Ana SPDX after having tried the Puni Ana (Regular), Puni Ana Hard Edition, and Puni Ana Fuwatoro so naturally the next version for me to try was the Puni Ana SPDX since I was satisfied with the previous versions. The Puni Ana hips that I owned before usually lasted 3-6 months each being used 2-3 days a week and usually the reason I ended up throwing them out is because the tunnels became dull and lost stimulation after a few months not because the toy itself broke due to tearing or any defects with the product. What I like about the Puni Ana SPDX is that it has small perky boobs, longer tunnels than the previous Puni Ana toys, and it doesnt flop around since it has an internal skeleton. The internal skeleton is really nice because you can feel the ribs from the outside and see the muscle structure on the toy to give it a realistic look and feel. Cleaning the Puni Ana SPDX is a little more difficult since it doesnt have a drain hole like the smaller versions but I found a bendable cleaning brush on Amazon used to clean long and narrow glassware that I use to clean the tunnels. My biggest complaint about the Puni Ana SPDX is that after owning it for 3 weeks and taking extremely good care of it and making sure to wash it after every use and put it back in the blister package that it came in so that the skeleton wouldnt get damaged the toy still developed a tear after 3 weeks of ownership while I was washing it with warm water in the tub, none of the previous Puni Ana toys that I owned had this problem with skin tearing. Pros ----------------- + The internal skeleton helps the toy not flop around during use and gives it a nice look like it has muscles and bones you can feel. + Small perky breast that add to the immersion of lolicon porn. + Longer tunnels than the smaller Puni Ana toys. Cons ------------------ - The toy developed a tear on the top side after 3 weeks of ownership while I was washing it in the bathtub with warm water. - Owners might need a long narrow glassware cleaning brush to be able to get to the end of the tunnels and clean them properly (see picture). - Some owners/reviewers complain about problems with the skeleton being misaligned on the inside of the toy or defects with the skeleton where the bone for the bottom of the skeleton somehow got inside of the tunnels. - The stimulation isnt really much better than the Puni Ana (Hard Edition) which is my favorite lolicon toy, the only bonus of the SPDX is that it has tits but if it didnt have tits then you wouldnt need to spend extra money on an internal skeleton that has a high chance of being defective. Conclusion ------------------ I would say that the Puni Ana SPDX isnt really worth the extra money to upgrade from the Puni Ana Hard Edition, it might be worth it to buy it once just to get your curiosity satisfied and see what you think of it yourself but for me at least its not worth it if after only 3 weeks it started having skin tearing and other owners complained about defects with the internal skeleton. The Puni Ana Hard Edition didnt have any problems with any internal skeleton because it didnt need any internal skeleton for small perky boobs and it didnt have problems with the skin tearing either like the Puni Ana SPDX so its a much better buy.

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  • | 4/21/2018

    Amazing Onahole

    I own 6 onaholes including this one however this was the first torso sized onahole that I have used, all I can say is that it's amazing. I held off writing a review for a while as I have had other onaholes break quickly, however it has been 3 months since I purchased it and the only small problem I have had is the anus has torn (only a tiny bit). It was difficult to clean at first but now I put one of the holes directly under a tap and watch all the fluids shoot out the other hole like a fountain, it makes it really easy to clean, as for drying, i recommend a microfiber cloth or something similar, you really have to force your finger with the cloth over it into the hole, luckily the onahole is really durable and does not break. It has a high price but do your self a favour and buy this onahole!

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  • | 1/16/2018

    I made the right choice

    So, this is the first onahole I have gotten and it is great! The weight feels very nice and allows for some exercise, he he. Both holes are amazing and I have not encountered any of the dreaded defects that some people had the displeasure of having. Cleaning is the worst part but it is not that bad once you get the hang of it. Getting some proper soft microfiber towels is highly recommended. The product came in a nice discreet package with reduced price. I should have known this before though because I shelled out for the customs, but now I know better. The only downside is the price and the the shipping due to the weight, so it is best to get as much stuff as possible at the same time if you are planning on getting this product. Thanks a lot!

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  • | 1/16/2018

    Great one

    This product is great! Both holes feels amazing, honestly. The pussy is double layered which provides a better sensation to me and It has good loli-features. Unfortunately it hard to clean this loli up because the weight is about 4KG and it hard to dry inside the hold

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  • | 1/5/2018

    Great product

    The weight and bone structure make it great. It has good loli-features, which could be improved (for instance with a little bit less pointy breasts), but overall, everything is great. Clothes give it more realism as well as warmers.

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  • | 1/2/2018

    It gets the job done very well!!

    it is a very entry level full body hole with all the torso feature on the scale, but size this big might be a bit hard to find clothing that suit well for it for the fetish. All the feature was good and just like any other reviewer said. Good user experience but might be harder to clean and conceal this particular hole.

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  • | 9/29/2017


    Like everyone says, it's a fun and enjoyable toy. The weight and bone structure definitely adds to the experience. Only gripe I really have with this toy is cleaning/drying. I find it quite difficult reaching deep inside - I suppose you just need patience

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  • | 9/28/2017

    Really good product, room for improvement, heavy stuff doesn't match with international shipping.

    I have mixed feelings about this product. On it's own it has it's minor flaws, but most of them come in when compared to the price tag. If we were not to use the price tag as a reference, I would say my only two complaints are that it doesn't have any special add ons, like the Hentai CG the previous version of this had, and the fact that the holes are nothing really SPECIAL. IT's strong point is that it's a decent sized torso, with a skeleton in it, so I ain't gonna judge the holes that much. There's actually another complaint I have, that being that visually, the holes were done better on the PuniAnaDX, they look much better overall, hell this one doesn't even have a clit. Now, for something this pricy, I must say you're getting the shorter end of the deal. Nipples are barely even there, they could've tried to give it some more breasts, I get it that it's a loli hip, but for the DELUXE price and title that I'm payting for I expect more than just extra rubber and plastic inside of it. They didn't even give the nipples a differnt color/texture, which is a letdown in my opinion. And the international shipping doesn't make this any more affordable. So I would probably overlook this one unless you can afford to throw some bucks away. That being said, and I know it's gonna sound fake, it's probably my favorite onahole to date, I just can't justify the price, and wouldn't purchase again in the future. On a side note, OtonaJP sent me some japanese candy with it! It was very cute. If you REALLY want a hip, I recommend you go for PuniAnaDX, I previously had that and I can tell you it's better if you take the price of this one in consideration, specially because of theweight of this one makes it nearly imposible to grope the ass while moving it, compared to the more balanced PuniAnaDX.

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  • | 9/17/2017

    I love this thing.

    I got this one because I had bought a "Internal structure of Moe body" and it lasted 3 uses before tearing and layer separation made me not want to use it anymore until I can properly repair it (which probably won't happen). Puni Ana SPDX is big and hefty and the weight feels great. She's not that tight so shes probably perfect for bigger fella's, im maybe average size and it still works great for me. Both holes feel about the same, the ass is maybe a bit tighter but it's fun to switch between the 2. Cleaning is a b*tch though and I don't recommend using this as your daily driver unless you want to spend 10 minutes prepping and 15 minutes cleaning after. Drying completely is impossible since the bone structure stops you from getting all the way to the back so I recommend buying some onahole tampons or something to make it easier. What I do is stick her in the sink and stick the tap in her butt and turn the water on which flushes everything out the other hole and periodically stick my finger in and give it a rub to help loosen everything out. Then I use paper towel to dab dry what I can reach. Then I take a my girlfriends hair dryer with a DIY attachment I made out of the top end of a pop bottle and stick it in each hole for a few minutes to dry. Then I prop her up and let gravity take care of any remaining water. Seems to work good. Now quality-wise. I've read a tonne of reviews on this and although very few people have had misfortunes with bone placement or other defects, mine is pretty decent. There's a weird indent on her lower back, I have no idea why and there's a weird indent on the top where he neck should be. Other than that, bone placement seems fine. There was a little slice in on of the vag lips that I noticed while washing for the first time. Not sure if that was like that or maybe I need to cut my fingernails. But nothing some silicone glue can't fix. Some people have mentioned there's no noticeable smell when opening for the first time and others have mentioned she stinks. Well mine stunk and was oily as hell, even after 2 showers (before I even used it) and lots of mild soap, she still stinks. Although the second shower got rid of most of the oil. So something to keep in mind, may need to give her a good scrubbing before first use. Over all I'm much happier with her than Moe body for the price, I just hate that shipping the damn thing was almost as much as the cost of the toy but it seems high quality and will probably last a long time. Definitely recommend if you have the cash and want to try a big toy.

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  • | 9/6/2017

    Amazing shipping service and also products are good qui

    Shipping service: I Ordered a few day ago. once they shipped to me, I got the products within 3-4 business day. It was faster than I thought. Quality of product: I have 3 onahole and ass type of onahole which is just right feeling of sex. but This is one of the best toys on the market i think. coz you can feel shape of bone, also feel natural of internal of women which is awesome. before you use it, I definitely recommend to use warmer. you will see very similar of real sex. Maintain: It is very easy to clean. all you have to do is to use your shower head ( can adjustable to make 2-3 head of waters ) to wash into the first hole. It will wash to clean. but I don't know yet that can be dry well.

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  • | 8/21/2017


    As everyone says, this is one of the best toys on the market. Its size and weight provided completely different experience. With bone structure it is almost like a living person. You also may use a warmer with it, and after that you will always use it, because it feels just awesome! Unfortunately cleaning is something that just kills me. The weight is okay here, but it is just not physically possible to reach the end of the tunnel. I just used shower to flush everything out, but complete drying after that is not quite possible. But all in all its 10/10

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  • | 3/25/2017

    Lolicous onahip

    If you are a lolicon looking for somezthing super unique and realistic, then I must say: go for the puni ana SPDX. As a true lolicon myself, this product is by far the one which provide me the more pleasure during my faping session. Its shape, is super cute with those tiny little tits and that virgin pussy featuring a "camel toe". Simply put: super appealing and erotic. Both holes feels amazing, honestly. The pussy is double layered which provides a better sensation to me (even better when its really warm with an onahole warmer for instance), its usually deep inside the pussy where I always end up cuming. The anal hole feels great too, even with a single layer. Its less fragile and more durable. The massive 4KG and the lenght of 32cm are truly something. At first, I was truly impressed by how big it was. Plus, the inner bone structure also add a lot to the stimulation, making both tunnel tighter and more realistic. What i truly love is grabing her by the waist, the but or playing with her nipples while feels those bones beneath... it truly enhance the experience to make it looks like you're really have sex with a loli. Totally worth the price for me, the quality is awesome, the durability is good as well as the feelings. I honestly had my best climx to date with the SPDX. Use her while reading some lolicious doujinshi or hentai and you'll see how hard it actually is to not come in the minute and last for a while...

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  • | 1/10/2017

    Pure quality

    This product is great! When I first got it I never realized it would be big at all. Both holes feel really nice but not enough stimulation was provided. Cleaning is also a hassle since it has a bone structure. Honestly I recommend this to anyone who wants something durable.

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  • | 12/26/2016


    I honestly love this thing. But I also have to be honest. The size, the material, and inside texture are phenomenal. The weight/size combination is my favourite part. It allows you to do more than just "pump". It adds to the realism by having something weighted ride you. BUT the pelvic bone of the inner skeleton snapped at the middle. I'm now a bit worried that the bone will go through the material and stab me during a rough session. Cleaning was a bit inconvenient at first, but I just included into my showers.

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  • | 9/21/2016

    Something to spoil youself with

    The Puni Ana SPDX is pretty big. You might see some reviews or pictures but you can't really tell until you actually open up the box haha. It's pretty good material, doesn't really smell and seems very durable. I really don't see it wearing out, tearing or breaking from normal use. It's large size definitely gave me a new experience, it feels really good to pick her up and get all touchy feely as you're thrusting away. At first I thought the breasts looked awkward and out of place but as you start rubbing your hands over it I was surprised good they actually felt and I was pretty into it since I like small breasts myself. Cleaning this really needs some patience. It's size and bone structure makes it a little difficult to reach down right to the end. I usually take it into the shower with me or set it out in the bathtub and stick the showerhead right into one of the holes to try and flush out as much gunk as I can. The vaginal hole is a bit flat shaped, putting pressure from the top and bottom. It isn't very tight and there weren't any textures that give much stimulation. The anal hole is tighter and always seems to make my finish faster.

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