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Internal Structure of a Moe Body / Kaitai Shinsho

Hip Onahole by Magic Eyes
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Product Type: Hip Onahole, Virgin Onahole

Young Body Hip onahole

The original innovator, Magic Eyes Internal Structure of a Moe Body onahole includes a simulated rib cage inside the actual onahole for added realism. Featuring perfectly massive breasts to fondle (don't be afriad to tease her nipples) and a slim, sexy torso, the Internal Structure of a Moe Body onahole is begging for you to spread her lips. Her vagina is tight and clingy, emulating the intense sensation of a girl riding you as her body slams down. The bone structure within adds pressure to her vaginal walls as you slide through. It's as if she's actually reacting and twitching in pleasure. The onahole is large enough to be used in multiple positions, it's up to your imagination! There's even an easy option to increase or decrease the amount of air pressure allowed inside the onahole via a special 'coin' placed at the top of the onahole's body. A bonus bottle of powder is also included to help keep her baby soft skin feeling as fresh as possible.

The Internal Structure of a Moe Body / Kaitai Shinsho Hip onahole from Magic Eyes features
  • Big Torso shaped like the body of a young girl
  • Hip Onahole made by Magic Eyes Japan
  • Realistic rib cage on the inside and nice Breasts to play with
  • real Virgin fuck experience
  • onahole weight about 2000 Grams
  • onahole dimensions approx. 270x110x165mm
  • comes with a small sample lotion


7 Customer Reviews for Internal Structure of a Moe Body / Kaitai Shinsho

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by Ale April 28, 2020

O brinquedo é grande o que lhe dará mais prazer amo brinquedos grandes, seguralos
De longe lhe tornará uma experiência mais realista

by Cap September 15, 2019
Horrible durability

Damaged after first use. Two holes appeared next the the vaginal opening then the inner tube starts to separate from the bone structure

by Jesse February 22, 2017
My favorite

This product is shaped beautifully, it's like an artistic masterpiece. The perky breasts are fun to play with but it does have durability problems- so be gentle when cleaning it. The feel is great but it was too tight initially.

by Kris December 6, 2016
Very decent

This product does stimulate good but there are some points where there wasn't enough suction but did stimulate well. Another thing is that it's too small and the breasts are pointless to the product since it doesn't feel real.other than that this product is nice.

by Someguy November 2, 2016
Great but not the best

The stimulation is ok depending on how much suction you allow onahole to do. Without the coin you don't feel much but with the coin you can kind of control the amount of suction and it feel much better but too much suction it feels like you might rip your dick off! the outside feels smooth and the breast are pointless but fun to squeeze.

by Anon October 2, 2016
Shaped beautifully, lacking durability

Loved this doll for ass long as it lasted. After a few months of regular use the inner lining of the vaginal hole started to detach from the body. Made it difficult to clean and use properly so had to say goodbye. Would love this if it lasted longer, beautifully sculpted and interior felt great.

by Shadow June 10, 2016
Great high end onahole

Feels great love the powerful suction that this toy produces by far the best. I love this onahole only issuse i have is the size its to small to go hands free for me but to heavy to use like a smaller onahole. The breast look sexy but dont feel like real breast and dosent really add much to the onahole. Hopefully there next modle well include more realest breast and anal entry.

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