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Bakunyu Owan Massive Bowl shaped Breasts G Cup

G Cup Breast Toy by Eve Dolls
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Massively Big G Cup Tits to play with

The Bakunyu Owan Massive Bowl Shaped Breasts G Cup is a large, tender and splendid pair of male masturbator breasts that feel amazing to touch. They are a joy to feel and knead in their own right, but you definitely won't want to stop there. The real pleasure happens when you lube them up and slide yourself between her G-Cups, and try to contain yourself as all that soft titty flesh warmly wraps and rubs against you. The feel of the skin and the soft and supple nipples of the Bakunyu Owan Massive Bowl Shaped Breasts G Cup is superb and you'll want to feel, flick and fondle your way around the huge 2.6kgs of bowl-shaped titty mass as you enjoy her paizuri delights.

The Bakunyu Owan Massive Bowl Shaped Breasts G Cup Sex Toy Features:

  • High-Quality Large Breast Male Masturbator Toy
  • Premium Design & Materials
  • G-Cup Size
  • Perfect for Paizuri (tit-job) Sex
  • Bowl-Shape Design
  • Breast Toy Weight: 2600 Grams
  • Dimensions: 265 x 214 x 130 mm

Maker: Eve DollsCup Size: G CupProduct Type: Breast Toy
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User Reviews

3 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 3/21/2024

    Best starter of oppai

    Cost to cost of shipping, Kind of puts this almost under 100. That's hard to beat. Probably can't tell you if you touched real ones or not, but to me, these don't feel like it. It's firm but you can squeeze it and you might say it's soft but it's more like woman implants or fake boobs. Due to that firmness, it's a toy and by far once you clean it, powder it once you get it out of the box. It's a good feeling paizuri. I don't feel particularly rough even with toys like these but the nipples starting to rip off even though I had this for one day meaning design wasn't part of the whole thing. Just get a soldering iron to melt the tpe back together before you lose it in general. Nipples seem very good to the touch. Last is the base this is on, it's actually very good for a toy standard but not a realistic one but who cares if its a toy anyways, you don't always need a collar bone or to show where the neck is. The base can flop but it's not a bad flop compared to others (still need to be careful of it ripping), like I said, this is firm. A firm toy.

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  • | 5/31/2022

    Great feel and easy to handle

    These are great with warming lotion for titfucking or nursing/sucking etc. I use these for everyday fun or while watching vids, while my Chichifueta Rockets are kept for special occasions due to their massive weight. I'd say for the price these are definitely a good purchase, easy to clean with cold water as well.

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  • | 11/12/2020

    It's great

    Great product + BOOBS!!! + Super soft, squishy and sexy, when I picked it out of the box I almost dropped my jaw and couldn't wait to try it. + Nipples are more solid than the rest of the breast. + It can probably wear lingerie (mine is on the way atm and haven't gotten to try it on yet) - Not as "hands-free" as I was hoping for. I'm average size and even with me pressing the breasts together I kept sliding out when it was on a flat surface. Sports bra or lingerie might help though. Solid product, I'm gonna be investing in a larger product in the coming weeks. I would recommend the same to you!

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