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Coco's Oppai

H Cup Breast Toy by otonaJP
Fantasy: Anime / Hentai Release: 2021
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Can you beat me in a race? Finally here, Coco's Oppai! Enjoy the long awaited soft tanned Breasts of otonaJP's iconic mascot Coco. With a weight of 2500 Grams are the Coco's Oppai a very big and satisfying experience. Made in Japan by Quattro Layered TPE, the Coco's Oppai are some of the softest and most realistic Breast Toys you can find on the market. The light tan on the Skin shows off Coco's beautiful and sporty body. Lick them, enjoy a Titjob or just cuddle them, the possibilities are endless with Coco's Oppai. They come straight to your home in an exclusive and high quality Box and a protective Blister. Don't miss out on these surely epic Boobs, only at otonaJP! Artwork by maruku

Maker: otonaJPFantasy: Anime / HentaiMaterial Construction: Quattro LayerUsability: ReusableMaterial Firmness: Soft Cup Size: H CupProduct Weight: 2500g (5.51lbs)Length/Height: 290mm (11.42in)Width: 165mm (6.5in)Depth: 100mm (3.94in)Lotion included: No Release: 2021Product Type: Breast Toy
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User Reviews

9 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 11/26/2021

    Abolutely beautiful

    I want to start by saying Coco's oppai is definitely worth it and comes in one of the best boxes. Very beautiful and so soft and jiggly which makes it perfect for playing with. Shape and softness are these boobs best features. With a moderate size it also makes it possible for paizuri. One thing to note though is that Coco's Oppai is extremely soft and jiggly which makes it very satisfying to play with. However, this does mean that eventhough paizuri is possible, it isn't as good compared to other breast onaholes. It also has an oily texture even after multiple washes, which i think might be from the plastic container. All in all, I recommend this to any boobs lover who is on a moderate budget.

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  • | 10/28/2021

    Not really worth the expense

    + Looks good + Very large and squishy - Feels oily - May leave oily mark on clothing or bedding if left in contact for too long

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  • | 7/15/2021

    Better than Other Oppais

    Much better than other Boob toys that I've tried in the past. Versitile for all occasions such as Groping and Paizuri. The price is a bit high for my liking, but you get what you pay for :P

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  • | 5/29/2021

    5 star for realism

    the breasts themselves are amazing and very realistic in terms of softness, just wish they were a little closer together and that the base wouldn't be so floppy (like the breasts). there was quite a lot of anomalies on the edges of the base also...

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  • | 4/25/2021

    10/10 would buy again, if I needed them

    Man, these are nice and soft. So damn soft that half the time I'm afraid I might have done something wrong. Having ordered these from the first batch, I got Coco's Limited Edition white sports bra with it. I think her tits might be a little too big for said bra, though. Recently, I finally started using this for some paizuri or whatever and...surprisingly difficult. Lubricating the tits made it even more difficult to use. Then again, I'm used to using regular onaholes and using my hand with those. This one probably requires me to put them down on a desk or something.... Should try that whenever I can. That being said: 10/10 tits.

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  • | 4/17/2021

    Pretty soft

    I love the tanned look, it's super sexy! The texture feels great in my hands and it's super comfy under my hands. My only complaint would be it's very very soft, so it's a little unruly while moving and it's kind of hard to properly get a paizuri (titjob).

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  • | 4/17/2021

    A blast to play with.

    Oh man, if what you're looking for is a moderately sized set of jiggly breasts to play with, look no further. I wouldn't recommend using these specifically for paizuri, but to play out fantasies of motorboating and groping, you can't go wrong in the slightest. Great fun. They seem like they're well designed and they'll hold up forever. One of my only regrets is that I don't own more than one, so I could play with multiples simultaneously. Buy these!

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  • | 4/16/2021

    The best I had so far

    These tanned Boobs are really the best I ever purchased and I really tried a lot already. They feel really soft but yet firm and the tanned skin is really sexy (at least to me). 100% recommended, you won't be dissapointed.

    ... view more
  • | 3/18/2021

    Great Fun

    Irresistible right out of the box! They look even better in person, too. It was kinda hard to tell just from the pictures, and even the unboxing video, but they are deceptively big, and have a satisfying weight. They, of course, had that new toy coating, but there was no smell. After a quick wash, you're ready to do whatever you want. Super soft and fun to touch, they are more than a handful, at least for me. Very, very slight rubbery taste from the nipples, which are made of a more firm material and are surprisingly fun to pinch. The sensation is, as expected, very gentle, so don't expect to be done in a hurry if you only want a paizuri. They also work well wrapped up in a t-shirt or stuffed into a pillowcase and used for resting your head.

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