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Finish & Sleep Lotion (Moist)

Lotion by Rends
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Product Type: Lotion

The famous lotion by Rends that almost cleans itself. No need to wash of. Just "finish & sleep" !

  • Available on otonaJP since: 2015 October 11
  • Volume: 145ml


3 Customer Reviews for Finish & Sleep Lotion (Moist)

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by Max November 8, 2017
Love it

Great viscosity and the bottle is really nice. Good value for the price.

by Nick October 26, 2016
Good lube, easy to clean

This is a pretty viscous lube, but also easy to clean. I haven't tried the other two versions of F&S lotions but I'd say they'd be pretty much the same when it comes to cleanliness. The amount of lube isn't much for what you're paying for but you do get a pretty nice dispenser bottle and it is possible to get refills. However, I'd also recommend Rends' own Golden lotion.

by Anonymous Oni-chan May 18, 2016
A quick review

Ok when I first order this I was skeptical on the product but that completely change when I used it. The viscosity is good but that not the best part the ablity to not have to wash it makes it quick and simple. Also I would recommend the moist pack because 145ml is just not much if you use it your favorite onihole everyday =)
Hope this review was to your liking and have a good day

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