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Fuwa Ana 1mm Virgin

Virgin Type Onahole "Fuwa Ana 1mm Virgin" by Ride

Virgin male masturbator
  • Maker: Ride
  • Sku: ふわあな1mmヴァージン
Fuwa Ana 1mm Virgin
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Soft and fluffy in looks and design, the Fuwa Ana 1mm Virgin onahole by Ride Japan was designed to stretch and be pushed to the absolute limits. No matter how hard you thrust into her, the Fuwa Ana 1mm Virgin onahole will bounce back to its original shape. It's the ultimate virgin pussy experience that'll adapt to your dick. She wants you to go all out, she's begging for it. The soft stretchable material also means you can get a firmer grip on the action! The 1mm part of its name is no joke, she's tight yet flexible as hell!

The Fuwa Ana 1mm Virgin onahole by Ride features
  • Virgin male sex toy
  • made by Ride Japan
  • very durable with an intense stimulation
  • onahole weight about 420 Grams
  • onahole size approx. 75x160mm
  • comes with a small pack of sample lube

Customer Reviews 4 item(s)

Awesome value. Must buy.
If you are looking for realistic stimulation, this is a must-buy onahole. Its material is super soft. Just add a little lube and you are good to go. The sensation is very realistic and mimics the vagina of a mature woman. Be careful that you don't add too much lube, otherwise you won't feel the sensation. I had to wash away the lube once when I made that mistake. The onahole is super light so it is perfect for a hand-held longevity training. It is also super durable. I have owned mine for more than two years and it is still going strong. The only con is that it picks up dirt quite easily.
Review by Aldi / (Posted on 8/12/2018)
soft and fun
its on the softer side would recomend not to put alot of lube in for a beter experience
Review by tobi / (Posted on 7/8/2018)
It’s interesting
So despite being 1mm it’s not impossibly tight to my surprise, it’s qute easy to get inside. My biggest problem with this one is that there is little to no sensation on the interior, but I suppose it would be good for longer sessions
Review by Couch potato / (Posted on 4/28/2018)
Exceptional durability for the price
As for this material I can say one of most resilient I'd tried. BUT, be warned this is super soft but still incredible resilient material that will resist heavy use over time. As said it will last very long time without tears but, eventually will leak some oil and get little loose. Meanwhile you can use it hard for months and months, so it is super buy. This particular model is tighter, but if you put it in some kind of tube or say empty shampoo bottle (or wrap in some rag) it will get super tight experience. You have to just watch with lubricant, as it has tiny detail inside, and with too much lube you will not feel much. This is not hole for someone who need strong stimulation. After some use I turned hole inside out and added some more detail with soldering iron, and it got even better feeling wise. This is one great buy as hole is long lasting and you can turn it inside out without damage and remodel its interior with soldering iron to your liking. Ride has some best material in this model.
Review by Wstar / (Posted on 9/23/2017)

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