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First Job of the Intern Succubus

Hentai Onahole by Tama Toys
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Product Type: Hentai Onahole, Loli Onahole

Young Succubus Pocket Pussy

Can you tame this horny sex-demon girl? The First Job of the Intern Succubus Onahole by Tama Toys is inspired by the tight pussy of a feisty and sexually inexperienced young succubus who has just started her new job as your personal sex assistant. Push inside her tight and magical pussy and your member will be treated to a superb stimulation provided by her enchanted M, X and W shaped tunnel sections filled with all sorts of exciting textures throughout. Together with the soft, supple and elastic materials and the strong vacuum suction effect, this succubus is sure to put you under her powerful spell. The First Job of the Intern Succubus Onahole also comes in a nice box with a fantastic illustration of the sexy young succubus to get you in the mood.

The First Job of the Intern Succubus Onahole Features:
  • Horny Succubus-Themed Male Masturbator by Tama Toys
  • Unique M, X & W shaped Tunnel Design
  • Superb Stimulation
  • Complimentary Lubricant Included
  • Weight: 340 Grams
  • Dimensions: 176 x 80 mm


2 Customer Reviews for First Job of the Intern Succubus

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by josh October 15, 2020
perfect starter.

only just into onaholes. but as one of my first love it. easy clean and maintain for beginners and felling is really good. used plenty times all ready and no issues at all so durable 5/5

by poopb September 18, 2020
Highly recommended!

Basically the spacing of the nubs is consistent throughout but it varies in the placement into 3 separate parts.

The first third = very pleasurable, the double protrusion at the bottom stimulated the bottom glans perfectly

Second third - deeper, but stimulation felt at the sides, but sometimes changes its own. I twist a little in my action and squeeze. Very nice.

Last third - could reach but not often felt.

If I were to redesign this, I would divide same design but over 6 sections so feeling would be better throughout and last section would be more obvious.

Overall simple, cheap and I lasted very long, yet enjoyable.

One of my favorites!

4.5 / 5.0

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