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Loli CQ2 (Innocent CQ2)

Hentai Onahole by Ride

Lolita themed male masturbator

The original List Price of the Loli CQ2 (Innocent CQ2) is: $33.00. With us, you save $12.20 (37%) on the original Manufacturers suggested Retail Price!

  • Maker: Ride
  • Product Type: Hentai Onahole, Virgin Type Onahole


Always dreamed of having your very own Loli at your convenience? The Loli CQ2 onahole by Ride Japan is exactly that. It perfectly creates the experience you have with a young inexperienced girl. Tight and intense, be the first inside her. Made with Ride's famous and ultra durable and stretchy Bangee Touch material, the Loli CQ2 can take all you throw at her. The inside has a tight vaginal entrance and then goes to a little chamber, just to become super tight in the middle again. At the end we have another chamber, aimed at creating the best possible vacuum to suck every last drop out of you. The Loli CQ2 onahole sure is a wild ride and one you will not regret getting on.

The Loli CQ2 onahole by Ride features
  • loli themed male sex toy
  • made by Ride Japan with their original Bangee Touch material
  • ultra durable and stretchy
  • onahole weight about 350 Grams
  • onahole size approx. 170x75x150mm
  • comes with a small pack of sample lube


1 Customer Reviews for Loli CQ2 (Innocent CQ2)

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by Ghost December 21, 2018

Not tight at all, very soft, low sensation.

A very nicely built onahole, it is very robust but it was not tight at all, and I barely noticed the constriction point in the middle.

As an average size euro cock this is disappointing.

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