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Heavens Fall / Nine

Fantasy Onahole by Onagan
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Product Type: Fantasy Onahole, Hentai Onahole

Fantasy male masturbator

The Heavens Fall / Nine onahole made by Onagan is a fantasy themed male masturbator. It is based on the Elf like Angel creature Shatora which has been trained hard to learn the ways of giving pleasure. The Heavens Fall / Nine onahole is made of a very durable and stretchable single layer material. On the inside you have a straight tunnel with thin ribs on the walls. Those are giving you an intense and even stimulation throughout the experience. In the end, we have a vacuum chamber which has dots in it which will specially stimulate your Glans when you push in deep. The Heavens Fall / Nine onahole has a nice solid weight and is easy to clean. Onagan has done a great job and so the Heavens Fall / Nine is a great choice for Fantasy Hentai fans and onahole fans alike. If you prefer a harder onahole material, then we recommend to check out the Heavens Fall / Nine EX-HARD onahole.

The Heavens Fall / Nine onahole by Onagan features
  • Fantasy themed male sex toy
  • made by Onagan
  • durable and stretchable single layer material
  • inner tunnel with fine ribs for an intense and even stimulation
  • onahole weight about 335 Grams
  • onahole size approx. 150mm in length
  • comes with a small pack of lotion


4 Customer Reviews for Heavens Fall / Nine

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by VeeVeeVee October 14, 2019
Amazing, But Fragile

Straight to the point, the feel is intensely amazing and like nothing I've ever tried before. In terms of "monster" onaholes, this one really gives you a unique feel.

But the structure is incredibly weak. There's a tear straight through it now after just 5 uses and storage. I'm not big either, so this one simply tore from use.

by J November 2, 2018
Perfect for me

Feels incredible. Very easy to wash&clean. little bit expensive. Try this. You won't regret.

by ninin September 10, 2018
feels like heaven

This onahole feels incredible but the inside trails are already ripping apart after one use. you definitely won't be dissapointed with it but this toy won't last. it feels like your entire member is getting a full massage.

by Muik July 9, 2018
Rare pleasure indeed

After my addiction to Virgin Loop series I didn't expect that much from "another toy with multiple longitudinal ribs". Imagine my surprise when this little babe showed me beyond any doubt that it can drive crazy. It starts very sensitively, almost unnoticeably but persistently increasing and strengthening my feeling of excitement. So nice and delicate but very very affective. Don't skimp on the lube and you may feel the Heaven or at least the Heavens Fall :)

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