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School Girl Onahole by Toys Heart
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Product Type: School Girl Onahole

Schoolgirl male masturbator

The A TACITURN GIRL onahole from Toys Heart is all about a young and inexperienced school girl, about to loose her virginity and thats where you come in. This single layer onahole is made in the well known quality Toys Heart stands for. On the inside we got curves and bumps that are simulating the experience of this young and innocent Vagina, having her first experience. At the end we have a vacuum chamber which builds up a nice feeling on your Glans the deeper you push into her. The A TACITURN GIRL onahole is made with a material called Virgin Skin which is a original by the maker. It stands for super smooth skin and feels great to touch and hold. To get started right away this onahole comes with a small pack of lotion, good for 2-3 uses. Also check out the Big Version, the A TACITURN GIRL BIG onahole.

The A TACITURN GIRL onahole by Toys Heart features
  • Male sex toy from Japan
  • Made by Toys Heart
  • durable single layer male masturbator
  • Original Virgin Skin material
  • onahole weight about 225 Grams
  • onahole size approx. 120x70x110mm


12 Customer Reviews for A TACITURN GIRL

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by wolf fighter July 31, 2020
similiar to the tight innocent pussy onahole

im not really sure how to describe this, but well its one of the smaller average sized onaholes (only 11 cm inside ). so kinda small but its elsatic anyways and streches out . it comes close to the tight innocent virgin onahole from feeling buit a bit different . got a point/ dot like structure first and these 2 bulbs at the end on top and on the bottom of it which are close together nearly closing it like that, so that part does feel somehow tight i guess. and at the start theres one well i would call that a bulb from the texture , its either on top or the bottom depends how you hold the onahole . it got a cervix penetration at the end which is barely if even at all feel able , i seriously didnt even noticed i hit the end first or more like penetrated that except for the fact that i saw then that i hit the end and pushed the end / back of it out or more like streched it out there then. with the tight innocent pussy you felt the cervix penetration here i gotta say not really :/ maybe once or twice first slightly but not really .it gives good stimmulation and is somehow great i guess, not that good but well close to the tight innocent pussy onahole, not the same but similiar with a kinda different feeling . a bit under it in my opinion .
between 7/10 and 7.5/10

by John May 27, 2020
Great Budget Starter

Above average quality for a below average price. Good starter hole that is fairly compact as well. Definite recommendation. Easy to clean as well.

by Riva February 21, 2020
Material is too soft for my taste and deformes too fast.

1,50 ★ turns inside out

0,75 ★ tunnel widened and nubs flattened after 15 uses

0,75 ★ very soft material, tight, much nubs and ribs, but lacks stimulation

0,50 ★ lubricant included, I like the box art

3,50 ★ | ★★★★☆

My opinion:
This onahole comes with a bag of Vanessa & Co. lubricant. It is shorter than the average Toys's Heart onahole. For me the biggest issue is that the material is so soft, that this onahole lacks stimulation. The tunnel is tight, but the material is too soft, so it does not exert pressure and is barely stimulating. For me it feels like any made in china onahole without the smell. I do not know how it got the rating on the colored Toy's Heart chart. The star on the chart should be on the yellow, not the orange side of the red area. For cleaning purpose the onahole can be turned inside out. The wall at the end of the onahole is very thin. After ten uses the tunnel widened and the big ribbed nubs deformed and got flatter.
After that I used an onahole heating rod for research purpose. Not the ones that get extreme hot but one with temperature control set to 38.5 °C, that is little higher than body temperature. The bigger nubs flattened after three uses and the smaller nubs are all flat now looking like fish scales. It seems that the "Virgin Skin" material does deform very fast when it gets warmer. So keep it in a cool place when summer comes. Mine got too hot in summer despite it was kept in a closet. The onahole was in its original box and deformed on the outside from the foldes of the plastic foil bag.

My summary:
Material is too soft for my taste and deformes too fast.

My summing: ★★★☆☆

by Liam Y. August 6, 2019
Impressive Durability

In terms of performance, this onahole is passable. The vacuum chamber performs quite well at times, but the nibs lining the inner cavity provide little sensation. I feel this product would work better for those with smaller members due to the short length of the cavity.

However, I was impressed and won over by this onahole due to its great durability. There's little wear-and-tear after several months of prolonged use and the tearing that's appeared hasn't impacted its performance. It's also light and simple to clean.

Overall, this is a very practical onahole that'll last a long time and prove convenient for quick sessions.

by Philipp April 22, 2019
Feels good

The onahole is awesome. Everything, be it color, softness, or the artwork of the box are perfect.
An exception is the size, which is a bit to small.
You don´t really notice it because it´s so flexible.

by Lewd Snake November 27, 2018
Surprisingly stimulating

Despite the picture of a shy girl - this onahole feels quite stimulating. Bought this a year ago along with 3 other onaholes and it has become my favorite ever since. If you're into exciting and stimulating onaholes then I highly recommend this one.

Some criticisms though; it's a bit on the small side and dirt seem to stick way more on the outside compared to my other onaholes.

by Nixus July 12, 2018
Nice Onahole

This Onahole was the second one i ever bought and im really happy with it. The insides feel amazing and it's like a real taciturn girl. Reall recommand it.

by LewdLam June 9, 2018
Easy to clean with a big entrance

When first touching the product, even after washing, the texture reminds me of sand paper on the outside. That roughness does fade away after some time. This makes it not stick to other things, like your hand, so easily.

In use most of the feeling comes from the ribs. I'd use this for a longer session. You also have to keep a vacuum for proper function as explained on the box. In proper use there is not much spilling of lube despite the rather large opening.

by ANON April 4, 2018

Good sensations, nice texture, and the chamber at the end feels pretty nice to cum in. The teeth you can see on the preview pictures rub on the sensitive spot of your dick, nothing mind blowing but it's nice. The toy is a bit short though, at least to me, which means when I'm deep inside I can a blob to the end of it. No big deal sensation-wise, it's actually nice, but I'm afraid it'll eventually break in the future.
It says on the box that it's a tight hole, and others have said so as well, but I don't necessarily agree, it's kind of soft overall. To compare with another hole I have, "Alice in the Firststage", Taciturn definitely feels way softer.

WARNING : I think I have deformed/melted some of the textures inside by warming it using an onahole warmer (which may explain why I find it soft). My teeth inside aren't as "sharp" looking as they were for example, the "lips" before the chamber at the end are sort of flatten and the entrance of my hole is bigger than it used to be when I first got it I think. Not only the entrance in fact, I definitely feel that when looking inside it's overall looser. While this all may have been due to normal wear, I definitely suspect these parts melted due to thermal creeping... which might've been my fault for letting it in for too long. I don't know.
Now my Taciturn feels different than the first few uses, but not in a bad way. Not in a good way either, just different I suppose. I still like it very much, especially when going slow in it, it feels great.

Conclusion : yeah it was worth it. If I had to redo it I wouldn't try to warm it via insertion though (and definitely got me paranoid now).

by Albert January 21, 2018
Surprisingly good; well worth the price

Very good onahole; comparable in quality to Virgin Age Admission (VAA).
This onahole is very soft and the material feels very good. It doesn't have much of a smell and the lack of defects on the exterior make it very pleasant to the eyes.
The entrance is bigger than VAA, but quickly gets tight (though not crushingly tight like VAA). The ribs offer nice stimulation and the cervix at the end offers nice glans stimulation. The suction is also quite nice.
As for washing, just rinse with water like all other onaholes. There aren't really cervices in this onahole, so fluids don't get stuck and rinsing with a nice stream gets most, if not all, things out.
Surprisingly, the cervix portion of the onahole is designed so that it doesn't really fold back (is more like a sphincter; widens when you thrust in but goes back to normal after you pull out), making drying with a microfiber cloth very easy and removing the fear of tearing any internal part out on accident.
Tl;dr Buy this if you haven't; you're missing out.

by marco antonio October 1, 2017
Shy onahole!

I love the art, and i love that it reflects the onahole, this feels really tight, and with the right amount of lube, its amazing. I love reaching the limit at the end, and having that little pull and suck on the head of my "privates".

If youre new to onaholes, you definetly need to buy this one!!!

by Brandon June 4, 2017
The pleasure of a Shy Girl

This product shows ToyHeart's look into the feeling of a shy girl. To start off, the box and art is well done as always. I haven't really experienced any ToyHeart's products so this was a first but I was definitely happy with what I got.

The product's features is fairly simple. Numerous patterns inside that stimulates you as you continue. Taking it slow and steady is what you need to do to ensure you have the best experience. When you're nearly done, you can thrust in one more time and get a climax at the end that you can penetrate through and it felt great.

The price for the product is reasonable. I feel that it is worth it's price, and the value you get from what you bought is about the same as well. This product is a great hole, which provides good stimulation for a very reasonable price.

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