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Mission Tinposhable Vol.1 Kyoko Maki

Based on JAV Star by A-One
(appx. 33.5 )
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Product Type: Based on JAV Star

Masturbator based on JAV Japanese Porn Star

Available on otonaJP since: 2018 January 1
Product Weight (without the package): approx. 495 Grams
Product Dimensions: approx. 160x130mm


2 Customer Reviews for Mission Tinposhable Vol.1 Kyoko Maki

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by MeikiLover April 30, 2018
Mission Complete: Vol1 Maki kyoko

This is an unique type of onahole. This toy was meant for blow-up dolls or pillows with an onahole insert. I had the cylinder type of blow-up and I would not recommend for this type since the weight would hang down slightly. I recommend for more of a flat type of surface for a missionary-type of position.

The toy feel is quite natural and simulate above-average. Based on what your using as the insert support, the blow-up type you have more control on how tight you want the toy. And also they did an excellent replicating the front part of Kyoko Maki, looks and feels very real, like if you actually doing her, hehehe.

Clean up is quite easy: Water, soap, dry it, and add abit of baby powder to maintain the soft skin feel.

by Thomas February 27, 2018
Good, but not Best

First try this product after receive it on first day,
Cant believe it was huge in size.....

and talk about size, it had bit loose on the hole and stroke , however the hole doesn't matter with the feel;
it excellent design at the middle part and the end could really make you feel strike,
and honestly, the length of this product may not aiming for Asian users, but others....

But it still made me feel good .

you may have to be aware with the length of the soft stroke part when you putting it on usb warmer; and it is hard to keep , so remember buy a big bag for it !

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