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Blowjob Type Onahole "ONDO! NUPU" by ONDO!

Two in one male masturbator
  • Maker: ONDO!
  • Sku: ONDO! NUPU(ヌプ)
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A dream is coming true with the ONDO! NUPU onahole. In this little masterpiece we have both a mouth, ready to give you the blowjob you deserve and a tight Virgin like pussy, ready to take your member in as deep as it can. Two different sensations and experiences in one little onahole. Lube it up and get started, no more deciding if you wanna go for a pussy onahole or blowjob one, just have it both at the same time and switch during your session whenever you please. The mouth comes with nice and full lips and even teeth in them, the pussy has nice and pink Vagina lips which are very inviting. Get ready with the ONDO! NUPU to juice up both holes.

The ONDO! NUPU onahole by ONDO! features
  • two holes in one male sex toy
  • realistic looking mouth with teeth and Vaginal entrance
  • genuine adult toy from Japan
  • onahole weight 458 Grams
  • onahole size approx. 190x78x74mm
  • comes with a free sample lube

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