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Princess of Love Lotion

by Tama Toys
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The Princess of Love lotion has a very exciting smell which adds the little extra to your masturbator or erotic play. This goes perfectly with any adult toys from our shop. Made in Japan.

  • Volume: 120ml


6 Customer Reviews for Princess of Love Lotion

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by Riva April 28, 2019
Not like a girl smells, but like girls should smell

Amount: 120 ml

Scent: not specified, (Love Princess?)

Smell: Girl showering after sports with floral shower gel. Floral, a bit sour, a bit bitter.
8.0/10 ■■■■■■■■□□

Thickness (with water as 0 and dried out Magic Eyes lubricant sample as 10):
5.5/10 ■■■■■■□□□□

My summary:
Not like a girl smells, but like girls should smell. Has sparkling particles in it.

My summing: ★★★★★

by Hops December 2, 2018
Flowery Pink Sparkly Mist

This lotion has a flowery smell, the color is pink, with specks of sparkling bits inside. While is it pretty to look at, the scent is not that powerful, and will fade away. The lube itself will not dry out that fast however.

Overall, a good product if you want a scented lubricant.

by Ding November 16, 2018

The quality of this lube is higher than some of the other lotions I've tried . The lotion smell kinda like rose with lavender shampoo plus the sparky gradient purple colour of it caught my heart when using it . Disadvantage is the price is bit expensive but overall I was happy while using it :) Recommended

by Leo October 1, 2018

The smell of this lube is slightly different than some of the other Tamatoys lubes I've tried. Its definitely a more shampoo/ feminine wash smell as opposed to the usual girly floral smell. The glitter is also a nice visual addition. Highly recommend this lube.

by Ace July 17, 2017
Smells like shampoo condition

The lotion is slim, durable and the smell is lovely, smells like shampoo condition.

by RobertDeSpero March 12, 2017
Very nice smell and consistency

I bought this lotion several month ago and simply love it. It's quite sticky, but it smells just great! It has a creamy and soft viscosity and a beautiful color. It even has small, glittering particles in it. Very royal, indeed.

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