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Sujiman Kupa Big Rina

Hentai Onahole by Magic Eyes
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Product Type: Hentai Onahole, Virgin Onahole

Virgin male masturbator

Cute little Rina has all grown up! Sujiman Kupa Big Rina from Magic Eyes is almost twice the physical size and double the weight of the original model for those looking for a larger, heavier school girlfriend experience. Rina's cute and sexy, featuring super soft silky material and a dual layered hole. Her untouched (for now!) opening looks ultra realistic as it spreads, making damn sure you'll enjoy getting inside. The added size and weight of Sujiman Kupa Big Rina enhances each thrust as it slaps down hard. The interior is filled with nubs and ribs to glide against you, before finishing with a sneak peek at her womb. Getting to the end rewards you with the tightest point yet filled with thick nubs. You can really go wild with Sujiman Kupa Big Rina, with the size now being big enough to firmly grip onto with both hands as you feel her beautiful skin. Designed to remain strong and fresh, this onahole will last a long time.

The Sujiman Kupa Big Rina onahole from Magic Eyes features
  • bigger and enhanced version of the original Sujiman Kupa Rina male sex toy
  • made by Magic Eyes
  • made with Magic Eyes Ag+ skin friendly material
  • onahole weight about 600 Grams
  • onahole size approx. 170x71x92mm
  • comes with a small sample lotion


12 Customer Reviews for Sujiman Kupa Big Rina

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by dudufung September 19, 2020
I felt like I was in heaven

Yes, it's that good. It goes quite deep, so it accommodates many sizes. If you're average to small not to fret. It works as well. As the tip is nothing special imo. But the thicc'ness and dual layer really puts your 'head' in pleasure.

As for worst part of it? Cleaning and that standard Magic eyes logo at the side. Cleaning uses abit more time, I never tried turning it inside out, and I would object you doing so at all costs. Well.... at least at the cost of the item and the shipping!

10/10 must get

by Stallion February 27, 2020

The best toy I've ever had!!! The textures inside are so pleasurable and size is perfect for bigger men, and as I'm 172mm (Or 6.7 inches) I'm just a tiny bit bigger. 5/5 Stars would *highly* reccomend!!!

by JoeLikesJapan February 17, 2020
Great while it lasts

I've had this for a few months and the inside feels nothing like when I first got it. The materials where the ribs are weren't meant to be used a ton in my opinion.

by JoLikesJapan September 20, 2019
My Best One-Handed Toy

It feels great and it’s not too small or too big. The lips are a nice touch that isn’t just for looks. It keeps lube in and adds to the feeling of the toy. It’s tight for a handheld. It’s not going to be a hassle holding it either.

by JonSmith447 November 18, 2018
A Big Step Up

This is a big upgrade from the standared Rina at a little over double the weight of the orignal and 6 1/2in in length.

While it is not quite as tight as the normal Rina with the bigger size you really get a snug feeling all over without poking through the top like many of the smaller size onaholes out there. The added weight really adds to the experiance letting you really push down hard.

Big Rina is a much softer and gentler experiance letting you last longer.

High quality with proper can will last for months.
Extra weight really improves the feeling.
For the prince you wont find a better large size onahole.


by Cancer August 5, 2018
Worth the money

Very well textured both inside and out
Tight but not too tight (you don't have to be rock hard to use)

Fairly large in size compared to other onaholes

I would definitely purchase again.

by Random April 29, 2018
Really nice

Inside texture is lovely, be careful not to cum after first thrust. Weights enough to not move if you just penetrate it in a surface. The PUWAH PUWAH sound from the lips is so hot. Need a finger glove to clean the end

by Bryan March 23, 2018
In my top 10

This onahole is a very good price for the quality. It feels a very good stimulation. I have 1 neg point after a long use, the pussy have torn.

by r December 3, 2017
little rina holds up when growing

In this review, i will be comparing the big Rina to the normal Rina.

As always, the masturbator is delivered in a discrete box, the onahole itself sits loosely in it protected by an opaque bag. This bag has some oil/power smeared inside it to keep the hole looking nice (you should look into onahole powder if you've thought about keeping an onahole for extended periods of multiple months or even years). Out of the box, the onahole smells the same as normal Rina, distinct but not unpleasant. This smell disappears after leaving the onahole out in the air for a few hours or after washing it once.

Comparing the big Rina to the normal Rina, the obvious first difference, is size (duh). The big Rina lives up to its name, but more about the size and weight later on. The lips are well-sculpted just like the normal Rina's are and the insides are a lovely pink hue. When looking into the onahole you are again greeted warmly by the inner labia and the ribbed G-spot. The only real visible difference except size, is the fact that the little breasts are ever so slightly bigger. Now let's get back to size. The big Rina adds a bit less than 400 grams and some extra length onto the design of the normal Rina. And this is noticeable when using it. Due to it's size and thickness, it's somewhat harder to squeeze it to generate vacuum, however this is more than made up for by the added weight pushing onto your penis. The feeling is certainly a step up from normal Rina, as is the sculpting on the inside. The insides feel more defined when using it and you simply can not miss the womb. You WILL know when you hit it (that's good). Again, no visible tearing or warping of the lips or insides after the first couple of uses, which in Magic Eyes onaholes means that it probably wont happen unless you really go ham trying to tear it.

If you bought the normal Rina and liked it (i did), i can DEFINITELY 100% recommend you this one. For it's price it's a step up from normal Rina who was already very good. Overall Magic Eyes cements it's good reputation and that of the Sujiman line once again with this onahole.

Price-wise you're only paying a little more for this hole than the normal Rina. It's well worth it.

Quality-wise, this hole will last you a long time and keep feeling good. The onahole has an anti-bacterial measure built-in (Ag+) positively charged silver-atoms in it's inner layer, that will help keep it squeeky clean.

The sensation is soft, but noticeable. The only issue i had with the normal Rina was that you would completely miss noticing the womb if you went in too fast, this hole solved that problem perfectly. Great onahole at a good price for it's size. I can reccomend it to anyone who liked the Rina, is looking for a first onahole or is into a soft-mediumsoft sensation.

by kevin September 17, 2017
My favourite smaller toy of my collection

I bought this due to reviews on the Kupa Lolinco Virgo saying that this one wasn't as tight and was smaller so I tried it instead (ill still be getting the lolinco virgo eventually). I must say it's my favourite smaller hole out of the 5 toys I have right now. Sensation is pretty amazing and the entrance is similar to the internal structure of moe body which really does it for me (since my moe body only lasted 3 uses, this is a giant plus). It's a little longer than I am so If I want to make it all the way to the end I gotta squish it a bit which really isn't a problem. Feels amazing sinking myself all the way to the end and because of this I'll be purchasing the smaller Rina as I think that will be more my size. Cleaning isn't too bad, won't recommend flipping inside out since it's double-layed but getting all the way in there to clean isn't bad. Packaging was really nice and came in a nice bag. No smell like both of my Puni Ana toys so pre-fun cleaning wasn't necessary. It's a must buy I think, or if you're not huge, go with the regular Rina. Either or is a Win-Win. Glad I bought it.

by Trevan March 4, 2017
Top dollar = top quality

Smaller and better smelling than the Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo. Slightly easier to clean.
It has a great quality. Really clean too. Apparently, that's a thing Magic Eyes really have/has a total hardon for. Clean stuff. And quality onaholes.
I mean, I get it. If their customers are happy, that means that they can continue raking in all the bills.

To go back on topic: great quality. totally worth the price. I won't say it's the hole I've ever had, but it's a good one nonetheless.

by EGOSIT May 20, 2016
One of the best Onaholes!

It is one of the best onaholes you can get.
It feels so soft and stimulating.
I love it <3

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