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Pururun Oppai Drop

G Cup Breast Toy by Tama Toys
US$52.36 save US$9.18
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Maker Tama ToysUsability ReusableCup Size G CupProduct Weight 1500g (3.31lbs)Length/Height 260mm (10.24in)Width 145mm (5.71in)Depth 90mm (3.54in) Release 2021Product Type Breast Toy

The Pururun Oppai Drop is specially made for the Oppai Board by Tama Toys and can be used to complete your DIY Oppai Mousepad. Covers can be found here as well.

*Oppai Board and Cover are sold separately

User Reviews

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  • | 2/15/2024

    Great but big

    The actual quality of these are great, if a little weak in the center of the material between them. However, as a mousepad, way too big for a wrist.

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  • | 12/7/2023

    Good for the air doll and grabbing

    I originally had the DX oppai which are great for the doll, grabbing and boob jobs, but harder to store. I downsized, but the this version doesn't have the plastic case like the bigger ones :( I mainly put them on the air doll for realism, so works well for me anyway.

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  • | 5/3/2023

    Really impractical, but really fun

    The product is much bigger than any other somewhat practical tittie mousepad. You are probably expecting that if you are considering buying a $70 mousepad because of the boobs. As titties alone, they are pretty good. They are big enough to rub and play with. The firmness is soft while maintaining enough structure to support your wrist. However, I would discourage getting this product alone without the board. This is because the thinness between the boobs is easy enough to rip.

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  • | 4/30/2023

    Great intro to Breast Toys

    This is great if your curious about breast toys is is very soft while still being firm enough to push back a little. it is especially nice that it is from the same manufacturer as the oppai board for best compatibility. i honest highly recommend if breast toys at all peaked your interest.

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  • | 5/13/2022

    Supple, squishy, magnificent

    Seriously, these feel AWESOME

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  • | 11/18/2021

    Goes well with a supreme hoodie

    There's nothing better than realistic oppai to rest my hand(s) on. It feels like heaven. In the anime boob mouse-pad world, this might be the best.

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  • | 11/16/2021


    Arrived quickly and these feel very nice feel like they are going to be holding out for a long time. Price wasnt bad either

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