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Scent of a School Girls Uniform

by Tama Toys

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  • Maker: Tama Toys


The wonderful sweet and sweaty scent of a School Uniform, worn by a young innocent japanese school girl.

Available on otonaJP since: 2016 Nov 26
Volume: 10ml


4 Customer Reviews for Scent of a School Girls Uniform

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by Philipp July 5, 2019
Awesome perfume

I really like this perfume. It smells exactly like you'd imagine this school girls uniform to smell like (for those who can't, it smells a bit sweet, like the smell anime girls are supposed to have). It kind of expensive, so I don't use it myself, but to give this scentless lotion powder (https://www.otonajp.com/50-bottles-of-lotion-powder) a really nice scent.

by Note April 25, 2019
Not what I was expecting

It has a very sweet smell and in a sense I suppose that it is what’d you expect a school girl’s uniform to smell like. It’s ok, not the most erotic smell out there, but it mixes well with more smelly sprays

by @HentaiDagashi April 22, 2017
smells innocent

never smelled a girls uniform but this smells pretty exciting and now I've been using it way too much!

by Jessica January 28, 2017
Flower perfume that turns to sweat

When first sprayed on fabric it smells like floral laundry soap, the sour/sweaty smells comes later and it lingers for a while. came in a glass bottle. I hope there will be scents of males besides "smell of otokonoko anus" something like "senpai's sweaty gym uniform" "senpais cum stained boxers smell" or "school boys uniform"

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