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Smell of Girls School Shoes

by Tama Toys
The wonderful smell of sweaty Girls
Maker Tama Toys
Volume: 10ml
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User Reviews

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  • | 9/17/2019

    Actually resemble the smell as advertised

    This actually has the scent of something resembling a girls sweaty feet or armpits. It's close but not perfect, but the biggest point is that it doesn't smell like cheap perfume and I don't like perfume smells. It's starts out with a nutty aroma but then mellows out to something more cheesy...a bit like cheese puff snacks and sweat. The only thing that is really missing in the formula is that acrid sharp note that the smell of feet have. The muskiness is there but without something extra. The smell dissipates quickly tho, so it doesn't last too long. Also the smell does not carry very far, so you'll have to hold your nose pretty close to whatever it is you spray it on to be able to get the full effect.

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  • | 12/16/2018

    Schoolgirl Shoes indeed

    It has a cheesy aroma that reminds me more of junk food. But it also has that faint sour scent, which enhances the experience. Actually is a good product.

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  • | 12/2/2018

    Nice quality

    I would say the smell is as advertised, perhaps it’s not as strong but it stays on for a while without having to reapply it. The only downside is the fact that it’s only 10ml. If you happen to really like the smell and use it often, you may run out quickly, but the good thing is that it’s a unique and good quality smell, unlike others.

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  • | 6/3/2018


    WHOOOO this thing strong I would recommend buying

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  • | 1/28/2018


    If you are into footfetish this is one of the essential thing you need. The smell is amazing and so authentic, it turned me on instantly when used it. Definitely 5/5

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