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R20 Puni

Hentai Onahole by Toys Heart
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Product Type: Hentai Onahole

Hentai male masturbator

This is the sister hole to Toys Heart hugely successful R20 onahole. The R20 Puni onahole offers a beautifully tight virgin pussy made from thick durable material. The interior is well detailed to really complete the image. Starting with a plump entrance, R20 Puni will draw you in with a huge burst of sharp, tight stimulation right away. Now that it has your attention, the tunnel offers a variety of textures leading into its second half. From here you'll need to push in even harder through a narrow ring, popping through to a hugging wall of large bumps. Together R20 Puni offers so much variety it'll keep you coming back again and again. Coming, get it? Again? Despite offering such a tight tunnel full of surprises, R20 Puni is also easy to clean and built to last a long time. Check her out!

The R20 Puni onahole by Toys Heart features
  • Japanese Hentai male sex toy
  • Genuine sex toy made by Toys Heart
  • durable material for long lasting fun
  • onahole weight about 380 Grams
  • onahole size approx. 135x74x120mm
  • comes with a small pack of lotion


4 Customer Reviews for R20 Puni

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by Xavier March 27, 2019
I got more than i paid for

I expected it to be a little worse than the original R20onahole, but this was good. Way better, in fact. It had a lot of the more subtle details, which is really unlike ToysHeart, but i saw this as Toys Heart thaking a more detail-oriented approach like PPP. his onahole's nooks and crannies aren't as pronounced as PPPs' so the tips of your non-straingt members don't fet stuck inside any of those, which is great.

by Robert December 5, 2017
The only onahole I bought twice

I usually try to try different onaholes, but this is the only exception: I always keep one of these at hand and it is the go-to choice when I don't feel like trying out something novel. It's plain, simple, but just awesome. It's very easy to clean and quite durable. My first one lasted for a year and I bought the second one.
You may think it's overpriced considering its simple design, but trust me it's well worth it.

by Nick_guy July 2, 2017
Overall, it's a really good toy

I bought this one half year ago, used it for many times. It's a really good toy. When I say 'good', it means I can't say it's an excellent one, but obviously, you can't find any problem on that either.
The stimulation of this one is OK, not as good as JU-C1 or R-20 mk1, but it's really ok. I think, this one is good for beginners.
It's also extremely easy to wash, really easy. You don't even need to turn it inside out or use any tool.
If I really need to find a con of this toy, maybe, it's bit short. But as I said, overall, this one is really good.

by Vincent April 4, 2017
Just like the first time

Buy this onahole as my first ona, and was real intense the stimulation, veary easy to clean and dry, quickly become my favorite (buy another 3 holes ) Is a little hard, so if you are searching for long session, or if you are big, this girl is not for you.

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