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Electric Powered Onahole by Tenga
Maker Tenga
Product Type Electric Powered Onahole
The Electronic Version of one of Tengas Best selling masturbators i the Black version. Enjoy various settings and modes for the ultimate pleasure you deserve. Use the Random button and let your Tenga Flip Zero surprise you. In total you have 5 different patterns which are low, high, pulse, swap and random. A new sensation every time you use it.

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User Reviews

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  • | 10/27/2021

    Very, very pleasing.

    The materials they used for this onahole is amazing. Soft, and squishy on the inside, with amazing feeling grooves. Opening up the Tenga is extremely convenient to clean, and water safe, so all you need to do is wash it with water (But avoid the electronic parts, but that's easy since it's mostly out of the way), dry it off and leave it open to dry. Charging the Tenga is actually quite quick, it only took 30 minutes to fully charge it about, though I didn't time it, so it might be longer than that or shorter. The vibration settings are probably the best part too, it's not wimpy like some other vibration toys, and not that loud either. My only gripe is that if you have a above average size, it may or may not fit you fully, stretching it out a bit if you squeeze and let the air out, and if you use too much lube it could leak out the end where you open it, so cleaning would be a bit more difficult and time consuming after the fact. But, other than that, I have no gripes, and it's probably one of the best toys I bought.

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