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by G Project
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HOT lotion collaboration of G Project and the famous PePe lotion.

  • Available on otonaJP since: 2015 December 13
  • Volume: 130ml


10 Customer Reviews for G PROJECT x PEPE HOT LOTION

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by Robert April 1, 2019
Can't really feel "hot" or even warm

Bought this expensive lube in winter, but honestly I can't feel much of the advertised "warm" feeling. I'd recommend just buying the normal lube from G Project.

by D July 14, 2018

The effect was not that dramatic. Small amount for the price. But the lube texture is great, I guess this could work as a small effect lube.

by Window June 18, 2018
Gets warm but not enough

Yes, it does quickly provide a warm feeling, but not warm enough in my opinion, I'd like it to be a higher temperature. Using a hole you become warm anyway.
The amount for the price is not great value, unfortunately I cannot recommend it. Which is a shame, the concept of "hot lotion" has a lot of appeal.

by Dog April 28, 2018
Doesn’t work too well

You won’t really feel the heat if your using it with an onhole

by Joseph October 29, 2017
Too little for the price.

This stuff isn't bad at all:)
BUTT-It's not much lotion for the money.
I'd go with Finish and Sleep Hot instead;)
Just as good and costs less:)

by jingheng June 14, 2017
Good for long play

It was able to last for a very long time, the warm feeling is nice but the feeling goes away quite quickly maybe cos my dick got used to the heat

by Shu May 20, 2017
Good lotion that works as claimed

The warm sensation comes almost immediately after you apply it.
Its not too hot and it doesn't dry fast. Would recommend.

by Jake April 6, 2017
Don't buy it if you have sensitive skin

It's "hot" mechanics work because the materials within the lotion stimulates the nerves to make it feel "hot", in other words, it irritates the skin to make it feel hot.

So don't get it if you have sensitive skin. Your thing will feel irritated after you shoot your load and your thing becomes sensitive.

Viscosity is in between the thick and thin. It's mediocre.

by Ace February 7, 2017
Love this lubes formula.

I recommend this, the lube works very well, but what I love the most is that, this lube giving you a warm sensation, warm tempurature as you touches it, just like warm water or warm body tempurature.
But the lotion is slight lesser than other version.

by Brian October 24, 2016

Unlike others, this lube is pretty thin and not as slick. It really accentuates the inside of the onahole onto a higher notch and make feeling much more realistic. Another plus is that it is easy to clean, yet can last for a very long time before dried, thus reduce the need to re-apply the lube over and over again.

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