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The Mouth of Truth Perorin (La Bocca della Verita)

Blowjob Onahole by Magic Eyes
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Product Type: Blowjob Onahole, Double Layer Onahole

Japanese young girl blowjob masturbator

When the original Mouth of Truth blowjob onahole from Magic Eyes first released it became a huge success and until today, it is one of the most popular masturbators in Japan and worldwide. It was followed by the Soft Mouth Edition of the Mouth of Truth which specially was designed for users who would like a more gentle experience. As Magic Eyes is always listening to their fans, with the The Mouth of Truth Perorin they designed a masturbator with a petite tongue, based on the concept of the original Mouth of Truth. It is specially made for those who like petite girls and the experience that comes along. Once again Magic Eyes has surely not failed us. If you like blowjobs from petite girls than surely this one here is for you.

The Mouth of Truth Perorin (La Bocca della Verita) features
  • Genuine japanese blowjob masturbator
  • Made by the masterminds of Magic Eyes
  • the Petite girl version of the original Mouth of Truth blowjob onahole
  • Weight about 430 Grams
  • Item dimensions approx. 145x80x70
  • Comes with a small pack of sample lotion


27 Customer Reviews for The Mouth of Truth Perorin (La Bocca della Verita)

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by ask8 October 30, 2020
realistic feel and good quality

The material is very durable both inside and outisde, I definitely recommend it if you're more on the sensitive side. The teeth are nice too they're not too soft or not too hard

by Aiden October 8, 2020
Too soft?

I will admit I am not particularly fond of onaholes. So a softer one did nothing for me. It's well made but it feels way too squishy, kinda takes away from the jerk when it feels like you have to really try to finish.

I dunno just feels about average to me.

by Federik September 22, 2020
Not the best, not the worst

So I've only tried The Mouth of Truth Perorin and the original The Mouth of Truth, but in the future I will try the other versions too, but I must say that this is a good blowjob onahole, but honestly it doesn't have the same suction and feels as the original The Mouth of Truth, the teeths don't bother me at all even on the original The Mouth of Truth, but overall the expirence was good let's say 8/10.
Cleaning it's easy enough, just be sure to clean the teeths and the touge area carefully, it took around 10-15m for the cleaning.

by dudufung September 19, 2020
A secondary to the original

I hate to say this, but the original feels better. Not only that, this makes a mess. The tongue is just a slide for the lube to fall. However if you have the original already and hope to not use it so often, get this :D

by Ale March 16, 2020
unique feeling

of all the blowjob eyes onaholes of magic eyes this was what i liked the most about the tongue it gives a facisnante stimulus at the time of use the poor with the teeth iritating the penis were solved in this version i would buy one after the other without a doubt

by JoeLikesJapan February 17, 2020
Realistic feeling, low suction

You can definitely feel the whole mouth area during use. Most blowjob holes are bad at texture for the tongue for example. This one makes sure you don't lose the feeling and it combines that with the small upper and lower teeth.

by Jelloman December 30, 2019
Adding to the statistics

I really do love this blowjob onahole. To me it's stimulating, although like some have mentioned, the lack of vacuum does make it less tantalizing, which I agree. However, this onahole makes me believe I am getting one, and the teeth are a nice edition for me. Whenever they scrape by, there are shivers. They are very light scrapes and not very pronounced.

+ The whole thing lets my imagination run wild
+ I love playing with the tongue
+ Great sensation (for me) when going deep
+ The scraping teeth are a great shock
+ pretty easy to clean, but be a little careful not to go too nuts. I feel like there are potential weakpoints.

- I can understand why some feel the tongue is a gimmick. When doing the deed, it doesn't really add anything, but perhaps, one can just pretend the tongue is licking the jewels when going deep. Makes me think that the best way to improve this is to actually make the tongue mechanical so that when you do go deep, it starts licking around :p
- No/little vacuum. It's like the difference of the mouth just staying open, versus what I believe the other versions do which is the possibility of a vacuum simulating sucking. This doesn't have that, unless you are girthy and go deep enough. This onahole gently wraps around you as you go in.

Then again, what do I know. I'm on my way to being a wizard, so I have nothing to compare it to :p

by Luke December 26, 2019
Risky purchase

I not sure what to say abou this one.
Its quite stimulating (7.5/10), the front half with the tongue is quote loose, but uppon entering the throat it gets really tight. A peoblem can be the teeth, they are kinda scaring my dick.
They are quite hard, not hard enough to actually hurt you, but you will think they are.
So using this one is a thrill for sure.
If you want something intense and unique, this one is for you.
But i dont like it for relaxed everyday fapping.
Because the teeth are freaking me out.
So its a nice to have alternative, but by no means a musst have.

by pk October 25, 2019
thicker and meatier than original mouth of truth, but still great.

this is thicker, meatier and more 'tight' than the original mouth of truth. i think i just about prefer the original (which i would purchase first) but this is a good alternative for anyone scared about the originals teeth which are covered up by a bigger tongue on this model. my personal tier list would be mouth of truth 1 -> perorin -> mouth of truth soft.

by "why yes, i am single" September 20, 2019
If you're to lonely to know what a BJ feels like... well you're in good company.

First impressions aren't always indicative of the feeling it provides once you're REALLY in the mood for it. But this one was undeniably great from the start. It alows for very sensitive and fun sessions, that feel quite different from more standard types. if maybe the tongue is a bit too easy to ignore. (i feel it might be too small)

I've had mine for about half a year, of fairly careful use. Overall: it provides an excellent experience, but mine has taken quite a bit of damage with usage, loose teeth, the two layers are starting to fray and it seems a bit on the thin side in the back, where it looks like its gonna pop a hole any time now.
It's kinda hard to gauge the overall quality of the product when mine might have been damaged in production. But for this price range, i was still pleasantly surprised.
Tl;dr: feels great, (try going under the tongue and turn it around in your hands. you'll see what i mean) but racks up a bit of damage with use, but i suppose this should always be expected.
"aaand post!"

by FriendlyPervert March 25, 2019
Almost perfect, best price-quality ratio

Since everyone already said what so great about this product, I would rather say what I don't like about it and my "unpopular opinion" regarding some feature.
First of all, the tongue feels like a gadget. It fell almost non-existent, it's just here to look "different" which is pretty disappointing.
The teeth are only annoying when you put your friend in it, but feel great when it come to deep throat.
Many people say it's hard to clean, but for me a think it's one of the easiest thanks to his elasticity.

-Perfect balance between tighness, toughness and softness
-Great quality, and very hard to tore apart
-Great feeling (very close to reality)
-The design
-The smoothness of the outside
-The teeth
-Price-quality ratio

-The tongue
-Lack a bit of suction
-May lack stimulation for the less sensitive of us
-May be hard to lub (because of the structure and tighness ?)

by NAVIN March 10, 2019
Underwhelming sensation

If you are interested in this toy i recommend just getting The Mouth of Truth (La Bocca della Verita) and if you are already the owner of the previous version. I suggest to skip this version and try something else since this onahole somehow couldnt give the amazing sensation as the first generation.

The structure is great since your rod will miss and get stuck in the middle and u have to adjust the onahole to make sure your rod goes all the way at the back.

They should revise this version of the onahole overall not a great experience as the last version. I think this is due to the material is too soft to give proper stimulation. The rigidity of the structure of the onahole is also too weak compare to the first gen. I understand some people may feel the first gen is too stimulating but you have to take into consideration as you use the onahole it will wear down and you will get used to the sensation and will feel amazing everytime you use it.

by Ruukasu February 22, 2019
A Dive in Quality

I just received the item and checked it out. Compared to the first one, it lacks in both quality and stimulation. It is a dissapointment knowing how great the first one is. The stimulation is gives is just like any other onahole. Nothing special. I had higher expectations knowing the quality items Magic Eyes produces. I only felt stimulation from the teeth. You can't feel the tongue at all and it is much softer than the first one, which means less stimulation. Maybe others find that good. Also the quality is inferior to the first one. Maybe because of its softness. It is a little torned from the first use and there's serious danger that the area around the lips can be ripped if you turn the onahole inside out to clean it. Atleast the cleaning is easy. Overall it is not bad, but it is inferior to the first one in every way.

by Hao'er December 25, 2018
Had higher expectations

Based off all the other reviews I've seen here I really expected a great time. However, the simulation for me mainly came from the teeth and the rest felt like a normal onahole. It may be weird but having the teeth scrape against your friend can be very satisfying but it may turn others off.

Overall a good product but I had higher expectations.

by J November 2, 2018
Better than The Mouth of Truth

I bought 'the mouth of truth' in 2016. that was a good one. But this 'The Mouth of Truth Perorin' is better. The Masterpiece. Great value, great quality, feels incredible, and quite easy to wash&clean.

by Ryan September 23, 2018
Good but weird

This is my first onahole, and it feels surprising good almost actual deepthroat except the lips is unreal, and there is no cheek, also I dont feel the tongue at all.

And maybe because this is my first toy, I feel weird grabbing this thing, and I dont like the scent. But thanks to this, my urge to fap has greatly decreased.

by CC September 9, 2018

I own the La Bocca della Verita original version and this popped out and I had to get it.

The teeth is the same as the previous model created with hard plastic.

The feeling is great and you can feel the nodes in it.

Cleaning wise it is relatively easy to clean and dry.

by Poppy seeds August 28, 2018
Exactly what it promises

It’s definitely consistent with the quality of the other two mouth of truths before it, so that’s a plus. Furthermore, this onahole is in a way like a combination of the regular and the soft version of the mouth of truth. This one also has a tongue which if I’m being honest it doesn’t feel like there’s much of a difference with it there.all in all a good onahole.

by Jim July 23, 2018
One of the best

Looks inviting and sufficiently 'hungry' every time I pick it up. Feels great in use, really like the teeth and the slobbery tongue. Supposedly prone to rupturing on the back, but mine hasn't yet. Great balance between price and quality.

by Èlcio July 14, 2018
Tongue down

It is a good product only that after three times I use the tongue it loosened, damaging the penetration. I had to remove it, but after that it went without suction.

by SeedmonsterX July 6, 2018
Definitely an upgrade

The other reviews say it all. It's simply one of it's kind and haven't had problems with it so far. A top quality product done once again by Magic eyes

by DJ June 2, 2018

+Great Feeling
+Good quality

-like one of the other reviews, i also had a small hole in the back that interfered with suction and also leaks a little lube
-tough to clean and dry

Overall, it's a great onahole. The teeth aren't intrusive especially since the tongue covers the bottom ones. It's soft, thick (so you don't feel your own hand as much) and overall worth it.
One thing to note though, I had the original La Bocca first so i might be biased, but this was not as good as the first. To me, at least, the feeling is not as intense. Still amazing, but not *as* amazing, imo. One problem I had with the previous Bocca della Verita that may apply to this one is that the sides of the mouth would tear after using it enough. Still feels great but aesthetically it looks like I'm getting sucked off by the Joker. I don't think I have a huge dick - it's pretty average - so I do think that's an issue with the general design of the opening with the weakpoints being the corners of the mouth. I got this one recently and haven't used it a whole lot so it hasn't torn yet, but time will tell.

by Professional Lolly-gagger June 2, 2018
Soft La Bocca with extra toung

I've purchased the other la bocca holes and I have to say this one is a great addition. The original was tight and provided a very good and harder sensation but the teeth on that one was a negative. The soft version was better in that aspect since the teeth would have better retraction due to the material. The soft version also allowed for better squeeze control with your hands. This version builds on the soft version's positives. The Provides the squeeze control of the soft while adding a barely noticeable but interesting tongue sensation that likes to lazily brush around the shaft. The teeth are also more discreet and out of the way with this version. My only gripe is that the tongue feels a bit flimsy that I feel it might start tearing or get pulled out after some decent use. As with the previous La Boccas, this one is also pretty easy to clean. Quick rinse and soap followed by patting dry with a soft material then some talc. Hole's short enough that you won't have to open the mouth to a gaping size to dry the inside with a cloth.

by NeoXyz May 16, 2018

This is a really great BJ masturbator. It's rather realistic and has a nice feeling. The material is really soft. It isn't to tight, but wraps wonderfully around. The teeth are quite sensible while using. Fun thing to do, is turn the mouth a quarter turn and you can see that she is really sucking on your dick.
Would recommend.

by Kazuka May 13, 2018
It really brings the "Pero Pero" and the "S U C C"

So, I have no clue how the original or soft version of La Bocca Della Verita (or The Mouth of Truth) is... However, this one already has me hooked on it and that hasn't happened from a Magic Eyes product since Sujiman Kupa Cocolo...

The design is really close to what a real mouth is like, so credit where it's due there. But I guess this is modeled as if La Bocca was a loli... But it feels quite amazing, especially if you take it slow. There's a section where you can slide past a bit of constriction so it wraps around you snugly, literally as if you went into someone's constricting throat.

And not kidding when I say this, but I can get a hard-on by kissing the thing... When it's 100% clean (or fresh out the box), make out with it... seriously... Even that feels amazing.

The teeth though... they don't bother me, but I've had a blowjob onahole before (Beroteka, which doesn't even get near the feeling of this one) with teeth. I actually like the feel, but having the upper teeth scrape the underside feels even better to me. But i suggest some rotation as you go, literally making it twist around while stroking. But unlike Beroteka, the teeth are literally implanted so you might mess up the material if you try to remove them. There's bottom teeth too, but you really can't feel them if the tongue is over them. But you can enter from under the tongue to get a different sensation until the tongue works itself back out. Speaking of...

The tongue is AMAZING... It's a bit rough but still slick with the right lube (do not use that tube they give with it, get your own preferred lube for best results). It literally feels like you're getting licked, especially if you don't go too deep inside. The tongue can also push itself out so it ends up licking the underside with each "suck". Which leads to...

The suction... I personally don't think it has that much of a vaccum, but it has enough to get you going. I tried this without and with a fleshlight case (called the Succu Dry) and find that it has a much better vaccum when it's in the case (more so if i close off one end of the case). So, find some way to squeeze it or insert it into a onahole/toy case and you'll get more suction... Then it stops feeling like a light blowjob to an actual deepthroat. It's still good either way, but I don't last long with the vaccum increase...

And it's lasting rather well. I was worried about the soft material, but it can take a lot if you don't get a manufaction error. I never got one on any of my toys aside from one called Virgin Fairy (not sold on this site) where i poked a hole straight through. Just don't get rough with it and it's fine. It does work VERY well when you take it slow.

As for cleaning though... it's a slight hassle for me. I don't wanna flip it inside out (inside has a different material and then there's the teeth and tongue I don't want to ruin). So you need something to go in there and dry it up... A small enough paper towel or tissue could work, and so can those microfiber towels, but I might try a tampon like someone suggested to get the inside dry. And keep this powdered... Magic Eyes toys tend to get rather sticky when the outside loses it's luster, but you should keep your toys powdered and clean anyway.

But all in all, this is a really good product from Magic Eyes, and they tend to come out with some really exceptional stuff. Now I'm curious about how the original feels...

by Minato May 8, 2018
Amazing Upgrade!

Definitely an upgrade from the original, more intense in term of pleasure. Both version are still amazing products, though this one is definitely one grade above the original.

by - May 5, 2018
Basically as advertised with its tongue

In terms of sensation and pleasure, I feel you'll get a better sensation from the soft La Bocca. Of course it's literally different strokes for different folks, so if you like your onahole to have that soft sensation then go for this one.

The teeth feel the same as the soft La Bocca. Be careful not to go to long or rough with it cause it will chafe your shaft.

Now on to the one negative which effects this onahole a lot. Upon first use the mid side of this onahole created a little empty hole in the back causing the suction to be non existent. Mind you I wasn't being rough with it and I have a average sized member. I don't know if it's cause of the material they used or I had a legit faulty product, but do be mindful when using this onahole.

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